Wool Rug Cleaning Service

Looking for fast and convenient wool rug cleaning in New York? Call 888-952-3633 now for top wool rug repair and restoration solutions! The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning team is your go-to expert for all types of wool cleaning services, including pet stain removal, rug restoration, re-fringing, re-weaving and temperature-controlled drying for handmade, antique or contemporary wool carpets. Ask for a free estimate now by phone or online and let us lend you a hand!

Wool rugs that are made of natural fibers including sheep and camel are most popular for their specific small ridge folding features. These ridges also, unfortunately, make cleaning and maintenance more difficult. If you own an expensive oriental wool rug that has been in the family for many generations or one that you have personally purchased from a specialized store, get in touch with our trained technicians and let us clean and restore any machine-weaved or handmade carpet.

For ideal results and to avoid any accidental damage, we always thoroughly study all the fibers, yarn, warp and pile in the rugs, as well as the weaving techniques and make sure to use the most suitable shampooing or washing intensity.

Popular Wool Rug Cleaning NY Services

  • wool rug inspections
  • wool rug shampooing
  • fast temperature-controlled drying
  • wool and mixed fabric rug cleaning
  • green, non-toxic cleaning products
  • wool rug repair jobs
  • wool rug restoration
  • wool carpet stain removal

Give our friendly customer support a call and let us tell you what else we can do for you, explain some of the procedures, tell you how the price estimation is done and what factors we will consider and so on. Get your free, no-obligation price quote and schedule a fast and thorough wool rug cleaning NY job with us for top, zero-damage results.

Wool Rug Cleaning NY

Unfortunately, as comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing a wool rug can be, it is also known as a powerful magnet for dust, dirt and bacteria. These are responsible for polluting the air inside your house and causing various health issues, especially when ignored for a long time or handled with inappropriate products and cleaning methods. Once these buildups will start affecting the foundation of the carpets, you will be looking at a brittled rug with torn strands in the warp or severely damaged pile. We work with powerful beating machines that guarantee to reach deep into the fibers and eliminate the bacteria and grime, clearing the way for further spot removal, as well as wool rug repair and any additional restoration jobs that might be required.

We specialize in steam cleaning solutions, as well as shampooing procedures that will help us thoroughly clean your rugs. We are also experts in professionally beating wool carpets and we rely on over 12,000 vibrations/minute with the help of our industry-grade beating machines. We guarantee top results and no accidental damages, with accurate dust removal, layer after layer. Manual beating cannot achieve similar results so we warmly recommend you to have your wool rugs professionally cleaned, vacuumed and beaten at least once a year.

Stain Removal Services For Wool Carpets In NY

We rely on 100% green, non-allergenic stain removing products and spot cleaners that will cause no harm to your family, pets, plants or the environment. We cover everything from coffee, red wine, paint, pet waste and food spill stains and we can further re-weave, color-match and restore any affected areas on your rugs.

Wool Carpet Repair Services NY

Once our technicians will be done dusting, beating and shampooing your wool rugs, we will proceed to perform any necessary rug re-fringing, re-weaving or yarn replacement jobs. We cover the entire array of wool rug repair NY services at affordable prices and we can have your carpets cut for you if you need to have them resized, clip any high-pile strands in knotted rugs and pay special attention to rugs that have been weaved and knotted by hand. It is also possible to have your precious rugs luster washed for further restoration of their lanolin and other natural oils found in the wool.

Competitive Wool Rug Cleaning NY Prices

We offer free price estimates for the entire array of wool rug cleaning services in the NewYork area and we can introduce you to our price estimates by phone or online.

Call now, get your no-obligation quote and schedule an appointment with us today!

The History of Your Wool Area Rug

Wool is a textile fiber sheared from sheep and other animals, such as goats, rabbits, oxen, and camelids. If you own a Wool Area Rug, you likely recognize the qualities that characterize it. When compared to other materials like hair or fur, wool is elastic and crimped. Crimping a material involves compressing the piece into small folds or ridges. We offer a quality Wool Rug Cleaning Service at our Professional Carpet Cleaning Company.

Creating a Wool Rug

Weaving a Wool Area Rug starts with a process called shearing. This harmless process removes the wool from the animal that grew it. After shearing, wool is divided into four categories: fleece, bellies, locks, and broken.
After the wool is divided, the scouring process begins. When wool is first removed from an animal, it contains vegetable matter, dead skin, sweat residue, and fibers of other distasteful materials. Scouring removes these materials with warm water and other special equipment, leaving a pure wool that can be woven into area rugs, clothing, and more.

Wool Rug Material

In the vast majority of Oriental Rugs, pile is made from the wool of sheep. Though characteristics and quality differ based on location, strategy, sheep breed, climate conditions, and the shearing process, wool remains a popular choice for rug-makers across the rug belt.
In the Middle East, Rug Materials come mainly from fat-tailed sheep races. These are distinguished by the accumulation of fat in their bodies. Typically, sheep are shorn in the spring and fall seasons. In the spring, a finer wool quality is produced. The lowest possible grade of wool used in carpet weaving is “skin wool.” This wool is removed chemically from dead animal skin.
Oriental Area Rugs also take advantage of fibers from camels and goats. Goat hair is used for borders because the material is more resistant to abrasion. Camel wool is used in special cases, but may be dyed black. Be wary of camel wool, because it often turns out to be dyed sheep wool.

The Wool Rug Experience

The amount of crimp in a Wool Area Rug correlates directly with the fineness of the fibers. While merino wool can have up to one hundred crimps per square inch, coarse wool may only have one or two. Because of these stark differences, wool area rug experiences can vary greatly based on quality, craftsmanship, and locale.
Wool Area Rugs first became popular nearly eight thousand years ago, when humans discovered how to shear animals and weave the material obtained. Wool was later used for insulation, home decoration, and warmth. The material is flame retardant, durable, and longer-lasting than nearly all synthetic fibers.
In addition, Wool Area Rugs are soft with pleasant textures, a resistance to stain, and bright colors that will complement the atmosphere in your home. Because Wool Rugs can be expensive, we highly suggest investing in Wool Rug Cleaning Service at least once per year.

Our Services

We take great pride in our ability to care for your Wool Area Rugs through our Wool Rug Cleaning Service.
At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, we treat your precious belongings with the utmost care and respect. To learn more about our company and services, call our team of Carpet Cleaning NYC Experts at (888)-952-3633. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, relieve your concerns, and provide an accurate quote for your next visit.

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