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Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning

 We specialize in deep cleaning, repairing and restoring the entire range of Turkish kilim rugs, ranging from vintage hand-knotted Turkish kilim rugs to overdyed rugs, tulu carpets, tribal bohemiam rugs, patchwork rugs that have been hand-woven in Turkey several decades ago and more. Get in touch with us for a full list of all the kilims we can assist you with or schedule an appointment with us today for a full Turkish kilim treatment at good prices.

Popular Kilim rug cleaning services we are asked to do:

  • professional Kilim rug cleaning
  • Turkish kilim repair services
  • Turkish kilim rug restoration
  • color-run testing
  • green, allergen-free cleaning products
  • IICRC-certified technicians
  • deodorization services

A lot of heavy foot traffic in a household with lots of members or a commercial space such as a hotel will usually speed up the wear-and-tear process of any oriental rug. Turkish kilim rugs are also susceptible to exposure to heavy foot traffic, as well as the polluting particles in the air, natural pollen and other microorganisms with harmful effects on the natural fibers, warp and yarn. If you need emergency help with a recent pet waste stain or food spill you cannot tackle using your regular stain removal products, give us a call and allow us to restore your precious and expensive rugs. We can steam clean, manually wash, dust and deodorize your kilims at a fraction of the price of buying a new carpet.

Expert Kilim Rug Cleaning NY

We only hire the most experienced, skilled, reliable and professional IICRC-certified technicians that are also bonded and/or insured. This means your satisfaction is guaranteed with each Turkish kilim cleaning or restoration job you will hire us to do. If, for some reason, you are not entirely happy with our work, we will come back and make sure to review it and make any necessary changes for you can be 100% content with the results.

Our aim is to create a unique and fully customized cleaning plan for each rug that reaches us. We know all carpets have undergone one-of-a-kind weaving and knotting procedures and color dyeing. Some kilims are not color-run safe, which means the color dyes will eventually start to bleed when water will reach them. This is something that can happen to both high-quality kilims as we well as lower quality carpets and it is one of the biggest challenges for our technicians. We know how to significantly minimze the risks using our rich experience in the field.

After careful examining of the weaving and knotting techniques and the natural dyes used during dyeing, we will decide upon the safest cleaning methods. This could be anything from steam cleaning to manual washing, depending on the state and age of the carpet, the type of staining, any pet waste stain  removal procedures we might need to apply.

Turkish Kilim Pet Stain Removal Services New York

Our steam carpet cleaners rely on the safe green, allergen-free, non-toxic stain removal products that are safe to use around animals and humans and will cause no unpleasant side effects. We embrace the entire range of organic cleaners and we work directly with manufacturers and producers, which means we can lower our costs and charge more affordable kilim pet stain removal prices.

Kilim Rug Repair NY Services

Broken, missing or worn-out fringes on a Turkish kilim rug can be repaired with the help of specialized re-fringing repairs. We can also replace any missing patches of weave and yarn and perform advanced color-matching using top computers that can generate an endless number of shades, colors and hues. We can re-knot broken and damaged knots and handle rug binding whenever necessary to restore the lost functionality in your carpets.

Turkish Kilim Rug Restoration Services

We also handle rug restoration services on all kilim models and handle end repairs, stitching with blanket or chain stitches, wrapping wool or selvedges wrapping techniques at affordable prices. We can rebuild severely damaged carpet foundations by reweaving piles and matching dye colors and shades.

Competitive Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning Prices

We offer affordable kilim rug cleaning and restoring services and free estimates by phone or online, so feel free to contact us and get all the details.

Call today and let us schedule an appointment for you, so you can enjoy your precious carpets once again!

A Multi-Cultural History

Turkish Kilim Rugs represent Asia Minor and the adjacent regions – all of which formerly belonged to the Ottoman Empire. These impressive rugs are an important part of regional culture, derived from the multi-ethnic and multi-religious traditions of the Ottoman Empire (now formally known as Turkey).

The History of Turkish Kilim Rugs

Part of a broader category known only as “Turkish Rugs”, Turkish Kilim Rugs are commonly known as “Kilims.” These flat carpets are tapestry-woven, used either as decorations or as functional centerpieces for prayer.
Turkish Rugs are known for vibrant dyes and colors, unique designs, and exceptional techniques. They are usually made from wool and cotton, then tied with a symmetrical knot. Size ranges anywhere from small to room-sized carpets, with the earliest known pieces dating back to the thirteenth century.

Kilim Rugs are less durable than other Oriental Area Rugs, with fourteen threads of warp and sixteen threads of weft per inch of weave. The pattern generally includes narrow stripes of blue, yellow, green, and red, with geometric designs to bring the piece together. Historians believe few Kilim Rugs older than a century still exist, having withered decades after their creation.

Weaving a Kilim Rug involves a specific technique, accomplished by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands to produce an entirely flat service. The weaves are made tapestry style, sometimes with various motifs.
One commonly used motif is the elibelinde, a female figure of motherhood and fertility. Motifs often include messages or tribal desires. These motifs have little meaning today, but express a rich cultural history that guests (and homeowners) love.

Modern Adaptations

In the twenty-first century, Kilim Rugs in Western Households are mainly used as stylish floor coverings, though their flat design makes them fair sofa covers, wall hangings, and tapestries.

Kilims in New York and the surrounding areas generally include a combination of rich, vibrant colors with warm tones and large designs. Geometric shapes are still a staple in Kilims, even though design varies in a number of other ways.

Our Services

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, we consider ourselves experts in all things related to our craft, including the history of the rugs we treat.

For more information, call our team of Carpet Cleaning New York Experts at (866)-936-0471. We look forward to hearing from you!


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