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Tibetan Rugs


The Ancient Area Rug

We love Tibetan Rugs, namely for their rich history and impressive appearance. These one-of-a-kind rugs sell for thousands of dollars – sometimes more.

The History of Tibetan Rugs

Making Tibetan Rugs is an ancient, traditional craft. These rugs are traditionally made from the wool of sheep, also known as changpel.

The knotting method required to craft a Tibetan Rug is different from other rug designs around the world. While some aspects of rug-making have been complemented by machines (such as yarn-spinning and trimming), Tibetan Rug-Makers in India and Nepal thrive on the craft. In fact, one of the largest industries in Nepal is the rug business.

While the rug-making industry in Tibet stretches back for hundreds (even thousands) of years, Tibetan Rug Weaving began its most recent revival in the 1970s. Now, these gorgeous accents can be found all over the globe.

The Western Process

Tibetan Rug Crafting in America begins with aged wool. The aging process creates a silkier appearance and feel. Next, the wool is spun and dyed. Then, the wool is woven on a vertical loom and trimmed to create even edges. Finally, the rugs are dried outdoors, trimmed, cleaned, and packed away for delivery.

In America, Tibetan Rugs are used to create decorative tapestries, horse saddles, sitting rugs, and more. Certain rugs in Brooklyn offer rich hues of red, gold, and green. Others exhibit elaborate patterns. Still others carry more subtle designs.

Many western collectors of Tibetan Rugs are interested in Tiger Rugs – a subset of Tibetan Rug Design that includes “realistic” renderings of tiger pelts. You can also find Tibetan Rugs with leopard spots.

Our Services

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, cleaning services for Tibetan Rugs are cautious, focused, and effective. For more information about how our process works, please call our team of Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Experts at (866)-936-0471.

Our experienced team is prepared to keep your Tibetan Area Rug clean, safe, and preserved for years to come. Get in touch with us today!

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