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Shag Rug Cleaning

Do you need quick and affordable shaggy rug cleaning NY services that work fast and efficient? Call 866-936-0471 now! The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning team has the best industry know-how in town, the most skilled manpower and the most responsive customer support crews you will find in the entire New York area. Call now and get your free quote!

We are experts at cleaning, restoring, repairing and re-weaving shaggy rugs and bring back their lost beauty and functionality. We charge some of the most competitive service fees in town and guarantee you won’t have to break the bank for us. We can save you precious money and time you would otherwise invest in buying a new shag rug. 

Shag Rug Cleaning NYC

Shaggy rugs are some of the most popular carpets preferred by millions of Americans thanks to their smooth and comfortable texture and ability to add extra charm to any room and home décor. The long yarn that typically hangs off these rugs and their loose piles are the main elements that define them, and the reason why so many people choose to buy them to begin with. Unfortunately, they are also the main culprit when it comes to the large amounts of dust mites, dirt, allergens and other microscopic bacteria accumulated deep into the fibers. Left unattended for a long time, these nasty buildups can and will usually trigger a series of health issues, including skin rashes, allergies, breathing problems and more.

No matter if you own a hand-knitted, a hand-tufted shag rug or a machine-knitted shaggy carpet, we are here to assist you with the safest custom solutions and a zero-damage policy for each job. After a careful assessment of the patterns, color dyes, weaving techniques, yard, warp and pile used in the making of your shaggy rug, our technicians will proceed to thoroughly dust the rug using industrial vacuum cleaners. This will remove most of the hidden germs and bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye and therefore cannot be inspected and removed using residential vacuum cleaners. Next, our experts will carefully remove any stubborn oil, paint, nail polish, food, liquid spills, pet waste or older spills covering your rugs using eco-friendly and non-toxic products. None of the products we work with are harmful to the environment or human use in any way. This means you should be able to resume walking on your living room shaggy rug as soon as we will be done cleaning it.

Cleaning Hand-Tufted Shag Rug Carpets

Owning a hand-tufted carpet means dealing with a more vulnerable rug because of the fabrics the rug is made of. These shag rugs are considerably less sturdy compared to other models that are handmade. The way these carpets are manufactured is another factor that our IICRC-certified and bonded shag rug cleaners NY will need to consider. We can use any cleaning method ranging from steam carpet cleaning methods that will kill up to 95% of the bacteria to mild cleaner immersions and the use of alkaline-based cleaners. These will ensure there will be no fading colors to worry about, as well as no rug shrinking problems. To be 100% sure there will be no accidental damage caused to your shaggy rugs, we always perform detailed testing on hidden surfaces. Bleeding color results will direct us toward cleaning procedures that do not use any water.

Vacuuming hand-tufted shaggy rugs is best done with industrial grade dusters that can preserve the integrity of the long fibers while thoroughly removing all traces of dirt, debris, allergens, dust mites, moth larvae and food crumbs.

Shag Rug Repair & Restoration NY

We also specialize in a series of other shag rug cleaning, restoration, repair and maintenance jobs and treatments. Any of them will bring its contribution to the prolonging of the rugs’ lifespan, while increasing the market value of the rug. With the help of expert fringe repair, rug re-fringing or re-weaving practices, patch repairs, color restoration and moth prevention, we can help you keep your beloved rugs away from a number of problems. We can deodorize your shaggy carpet for you and help you enjoy its freshness for a longer time.

Competitive Shag Carpet Cleaning Prices

We do not only specialize in fast, comprehensive and accurate price estimates that are free of charge and incur no obligation, but we also stand behind our words and charge the most affordable prices in the entire New York area. Give us a call now or come online and talk to our friendly crew, we would be more than happy to schedule a rug cleaning job for you and prove to you why we are the number of carpet cleaner in town.

Call today, get your free quote and let us spot clean, vacuum, deodorize and steam clean your beloved shaggy carpets.

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