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Our rug stain removal experts know that fewer things are more unsightly than nasty stains on a carpet or dirty area rugs covered in bleach spots.

Whether at home or at the office, no one wants to walk into a room that looks like it has not been properly cleaned

Rug Stain Removal Servicesin weeks or months.

Unfortunately, accidental spills happen, and when you use improper cleaning methods for the floors and carpets you end up causing more damage. You might try various DIY spot removal solutions and end up with more stains than you originally had.

No matter if your carpets are made from expensive wool or cheap acrylic, or you own a gorgeous Oriental area rug that has been in the family for generations, there are means of saving your precious carpeting. Hiring professional rug spot bleaching services is one of the most reliable and efficient solutions to try.

The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning team specializes in the entire range of rug cleaning, spot removal, and color restoration services in town.

All of our rug technicians are IICRC-approved and they have been subjected to advanced industry testing to ensure they are the best of the best. Expect high-quality, fast service at affordable rates and modern-day spot removal tools and equipment.

What Can Professional  Rug Stain Removal Services Do For You?

While you do have a few homemade spot removal alternatives to try at home, most of them will fail to provide you with the desired results. You could use a dark brown or a black marker that matches your dark carpets – just keep in mind you should be absolutely sure to choose a matching shade.

Professional carpet stain removal and color restoration services can only dye a rug using darker shades of dye compared to the original dye. If you are planning on having a light-colored area rug dyed using its original dye color, you are most likely in for a disappointment. While carpet experts can generate millions of colors with the help of advanced software, it is only possible to use darker dye for good results.

Nevertheless, instead of testing inefficient house paint and hair dye in an attempt to cover your stains and risk doing more bad than good, you are advised to call an experienced carpet stain removal company.

We have been around for many years and we have restored thousands of stained and discolored carpets and area rugs. You can rely on our state-of-the-art equipment and proven stain-removal techniques to generate the best results.

We will talk about the spot removal process with you and give you all the necessary details. Our friendly and talented team will explain every stage of the process accurately so you are aware of every detail.

We guarantee we will return your carpets to you looking brand new, stain-free, and more vibrant than ever.

The Rug Stain Removal Process

Our technicians will begin by first testing a small surface of your carpet’s fibers to understand all of its features, dying and weaving process, and study all the materials the rug is made of.

We will then work together to establish the most effective and suitable stain or spot removal procedure. No matter if your carpets are plain or you have various patterns and different colors covering your rug, we can reinstate the original look, design, and charm onto them hassle-free.

We have experience working with all types of fabrics, fibers, weaves, and models, and we will allocate as much of our time, energy, skills, and care to each and every carpet that is brought to us.

Our technicians only work with state-the-art gear and products that can remove virtually any type of spot from any carpet or area rug. No matter how old or fresh, small or big, our innovative equipment will accurately remove even the toughest of stains no one else can tackle.

Stain Protective Treatment For Your Rugs

To maintain your rugs stain-free in the long run, we highly advise you to take advantage of our special stain protectant service.  It will effectively fight off any stains before they become a problem for your carpets.

Our fully tested solution will keep your rugs, carpets, and furniture upholstery looking and feeling clean all the time. The sealer will create a powerful protective layer that will keep the fibers in your carpets safe from accidentally spilled liquid, food, cleaning agents, and makeup. The stains will be stopped from causing any damage, helping you enjoy your fresh carpets for a longer time.

Give us a call today and schedule our advanced carpet or area rug spot bleaching services or schedule an appointment for us to come by and assess your carpeting and recommend the best treatments.

We promise you will not have to break the bank to pay for our quality services.

Call us to restore your carpets to their original form. Call today for a free evaluation and estimate. 

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