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Rug Restoration NYC

Commercial / Residential

Rug Restoration is needed if:

  1. Your office area rug needs special attention.
  2. Are you unable to get rid of nasty coffee stains on the carpets in your conference room?
  3. Your living room Oriental kilim covered in white and yellow bleach stains?

If you are forced to look at unsightly stains and spots on your home and office rugs, or you cannot stand seeing the faded colors and designs in your expensive rugs at home, you need professional carpet restoration services.

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning specializes in all types of restoration. Performing Rug RestorationIncluding color restoration, and bleach spot removal services.

We can handle a great array of jobs, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Get in touch with us to get any additional information you might need on our services, or ask for a free quote/color sample and let us get started as soon as possible.




100% Reliable Rug Dyeing Services

Expert rug dyeing services we provide:

  • carpet dyeing services for all types of area rugs and carpets
  • color change services
  • color restoration
  • design dyeing services
  • color matching assistance
  • free color sampling
  • stain and spot removal, including bleach

“I need to buy a new carpet.” This is one of the first thoughts that might go through your mind once you will acknowledge that your faded, worn-out, or stained carpet cannot be successfully cleaned and restored, despite hiring professional cleaners. However, this impulsive thought can be easily replaced with the color restoration alternative. Namely, you can save anywhere between 60 to 80 percent the cost of buying a new carpet with the help of expert color dyeing services.

It is possible for a specialized carpet dyeing technician to turn any old and fading carpet into a fresh rug you can enjoy once again. Oriental Area Rug Cleaning can efficient color change and color restoration jobs on all types of carpets and rugs, including Oriental area rugs. We rely on non-bleeding, instant effect dyes that guarantee unparalleled results every time.

Our long experience in the field has allowed us to dye and restore millions of yards of carpet and area rugs. We do not plan on stopping anytime soon. With the help of our advanced color dying services, we can rapidly tackle all jobs at fast speed and affordable rates. Just keep in mind that we can only guarantee good results when using darker colors for your carpets. A lighter shade will not do an equally good job at covering potential bleach stains or restoring the original patterns in your rugs.


Rug Restoration With Many Colors

With literally millions of colors to select for your old carpets and even more we can generate for you by mixing your favorite shades on the spot, you should have zero problems figuring out what to choose. Our color samples are free of charge and we can also provide you with free assistance and guidance in choosing the best course of action for your carpets and area rugs.

Whether you own a Navy or an Ivory Chinese Art Deco carpet you need to be dyed in a darker shade to cover some bleach stains, or you would like to spice up the fading patterns, we are here to help. We know how important it is to be able to preserve your beloved carpets, especially if they are part of the family heirloom and will be handed down to the next generation.


Color Restoration For Stained Rugs

No matter if you need to cover some food or pet residue stains or get rid of ugly bleach spots on your area rugs, we have the skills, experience, tools, and design dyes that can produce amazing results. Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment to get a free estimate and start saving money, time, and energy while taking back your beloved carpets.

You could opt for a darker color that can eliminate dirt and stain marks, or choose a brand new color in an attempt to change the entire design and look of your carpeting.


Fight Against Bleach Spills With Our Services

Spilling bleach on your home carpets while doing the spring cleaning or during a home renovation is a common issue lots of people confront with periodically. While there aren’t many viable, go-to quick solutions to tackle a bleach stain, you can still save your precious rugs. If your carpets are already covered in white, orange, and yellow stains, our color restoration services will come in handy. Let us dye your rugs using their original colors and save you the trouble of looking at unsightly spots or investing in a new carpet.

We only work with IICRC-certified dyeing technicians that will first assess the origins of the stains and determine if they have been caused by bleach, then evaluate the size and location of the pots and recommend the best solutions. With the help of safe, non-bleeding colors they will proceed to fix all nasty signs of bleach spills, no matter how old.

Get in touch with us today and schedule a meeting so we can start restoring your old and faded carpets in no time!

Are your carpets and area rugs colorfast? Do you notice any colors bleeding while washing your Turkish rugs using water and special detergents? Would you like to see those unattractive stains and blemishes on your living room flooring magically disappear? If you are like most homeowners, you have probably never paid any real attention to those small spots until they’ve started to look bad. Now you cannot stop looking at them. And you would do anything in your power to see them vanish. If you have already tried all the DIY and over-the-counter solutions you could come across with little to no results. However, you are not yet ready to surrender and invest a lot of money in buying new rugs. If your gorgeous red Oriental carpet in the living room is a family heirloom, you have even more reasons to try to save it.

Some types of rug damage are easier to notice than others. But it does not mean that they are less threatening to the integrity of your carpets. A rug that has bleeding or fading colors will need the professional intervention of a well-experienced and talented carpet cleaner. The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning service has been in the industry for a long time. We have accumulated advanced expertise and skills, and we have discovered the best-hidden color restoration secrets. We will determine the reason why your non-colorfast carpets are losing their charm day by day – and reverse the process.

Give us a call and schedule a meeting with us and we will tell you exactly what you are dealing with and what we can do for you. Our small flat rates are a direct consequence of the modern-day cleaning, carpet dyeing, and color restoration practices, tools, equipment, and solutions we use. Give us a chance and let us get to the heart of what makes our reputation.


Hire Professional Color Restoration Services

The best way of figuring out why you are dealing with colors fading in your carpets is to get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner, the Oriental Area Rig Cleaning team will reach your address at a time that is most convenient to you and assess the problem on the spot and on-site. You will not have to worry about having to personally take your rugs to a carpet and rug color restoration service and waste precious time and energy with the logistics. We will drop by, assess your carpets on the spot, pick them up, restore them, and bring them back to you. You will enjoy the fresh-looking, beautifully colored carpets, vivid colors, and hues that made you fall in love with your carpets in the first place.

We will determine the reasons why your rugs are fading and use special dye stabilizing procedures to stop the fugitive dyes from bleeding. Improper washing and unnecessary exposure to water, along with sunlight exposure will cause non-colorfast dyes from migrating off your carpet and into the water used to wash them. Instead of looking at your expensive carpets lose their charm with every passing day, get in touch with the pros and let us handle everything for you.

We specialize in excess carpet dye problems and prevent color migration with the help of dye stabilizing solutions. We can handle tea washed drugs and inked rugs, as well as wool or silk carpets, Oriental area rugs, modern-day carpets, and any other types of carpets you may own.

We will perform dye tests on your carpets and use a high pH solution to determine the colorfastness degree of your rug. We will test both the front and the back of your carpets and focus on surface and interior fibers alike. With the help of dye lock solutions and expert color restoration practices, we will restore your beloved carpets to their original condition.


Factors That Cause Your Carpet Colors To Bleed

A carpet that has started to fade and lose the brightness of its colors is no longer a beautiful thing to admire. Unfortunately, there are lots of elements that could cause your rugs to fade and lose their uniqueness. Often times, it is a mix of wine and water spills handled the wrong way, dog and cat urine, alkaline ingredients in your carpet detergent, UV light from the sun, or the prevalence of certain colors that are more vulnerable to light.

Carpets can also get ruined before they even reach your home, through improper dyeing techniques, or the excessive use of dyes.

Colorfast is a term that refers to a fabric’s ability to efficiently handle any dye bleeding threats. The carpet color restoration industry uses the term “dye migration”. When carpets are washed for the first time after purchase, there is the risk of the colors losing the original vibration you might have bought them for in the first place. It is also possible for this type of damage to occur later on, due to repeated washing or prolonged exposure to natural light from the sun through your windows.

Your main concerns should be to first determine the real cause of your carpets fading or bleeding, and finding the best prevention methods.


The Rug Dyeing Process

The Oriental Carpet Dyeing Process is complex, especially for Modern Oriental Rugs, but important to understand. Yarn must be dyed before it becomes woven into a pattern or a loom. This means carpet weavers must know how many colors they need, how much of each color should be dyed, and how best to utilize each color before the weaving process begins.


How Rug Dyeing Works

It all starts with the preparation of yarn in order to make it properly susceptible to the chosen dye. This happens through a process called immersion.

Yarn is immersed in mordant, then dyestuffs are added. The dyed yarn is left to dry, exposed to both air and sunlight. You’ll find that some colors, generally dark ones, require iron mordants. This can damage or fade the fabric.

Once the yarn dries, it can be woven into a pattern. Carpet weavers must be careful to make a few mistakes. Otherwise, more yarn may need to go through the dyeing process.

Types of Dye

There are several types of yarn dye, including insect reds, synthetic dyes, and vegetal dyes. Traditionally, dyes were obtained from plants and insects. Later, synthetic dyes were invented and became cheap and easy to use when compared to natural dyes.
Insect reds are perhaps the most interesting dye type, obtained from secretions of scale insects like the Cochineal Scale. Cochineal Dye was formerly exported from India, then from Mexico, and later from the Canary Islands.

Vegetal Dyes include red from Madder Roots, yellow from several plants including onions and Euphorbia, black from apples and acorns, and blue from Indigo. Green and orange were generated by double dyeing with certain colors like blue, yellow, and red.

Because yellow and brown dyestuffs vary from region to region, the analysis of a dye could provide information about the origin of a specific oriental area rug.

Finally, there are synthetic dyes for Modern Oriental Rugs, available in nearly every color and shade imaginable.


Our Services

We are particularly proud of our knowledge about Modern Oriental Rugs and Dyes – mainly because it helps us clean your carpet properly each and every time.

For more information about Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, call our team of Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Experts at (866)-936-0761 today!

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