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Rug Re-Fringing & Rug Binding Services

Are you looking for expert rug re-fringing and rug binding services in the New York area? Need affordable Persian, Chinese Antique Art Deco, Turkish or Kilim rug cleaning, spot removal, rug repair and restoration solutions? We are your go-to carpet cleaner in the New York area. Give us a call at 866-936-0761 today and schedule an appointment with us. We are IICRC-certified and we can help you with fast, top-notch and affordable services.

Rug Re-Fringing Services In NY

As dedicated carpet cleaners with over two decades of experience in the industry, we know all the ins and outs of the rug re-fringing process. No matter if you own a Bokhara Oriental, Chinese Art Deco, Peshawar Ziegler, Gabbeh, Kazak, Moroccan, Baluchi or overdyed rug, we can assist you with professional fringe restoration, carpet binding and rug restoration at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We know some carpets that are a family heirloom cannot be replaced in case of damage, so we warmly recommend you to only work with experienced and licensed carpet cleaning services with lots of experience in the field. The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning team is a dedicated rug re-fringing and carpet repair expert that works at the highest industry standards.

We know each rug has been manufactured using specific weaving techniques, unique procedures that are often times kept a secret and handed down from generation to generation between weavers in Iran and other parts of the middle East where rug weaving is considered an art. Our technicians are also familiar with all types of caret dyes made of natural and organic ingredients such as insects, and the way some of these dyes could start to bleed when water is used on them for cleaning purposes. When re-fringing or binding an area rug, we must first thoroughly clean the carpet. This is needed not only as a safety measure that should protect our technicians during the re-fringing process, but also as a means of ensuring the re-fringing will be successful.

Our specialists can rapidly identify the color dyes used in the manufacturing process and use the corresponding cleaning procedures that will prevent the color from running and any other additional types of damage.

The rug re-fringing process consists of an initial inspection of the warps made of wool or silk as a means of determining the type of knotting method used during the weaving. Some carpets come with fringes that have been manually knotted from one end to the other. We know these unique fringes require special attention and consideration when planning the best re-fringing approach. As the wrong mechanical re-fringing procedure could easily cause severe or even irreparable damage to the fringes, we will always use detailed manual re-fringing techniques when needed. We also recommend you to steer clear from any homemade rug re-fringing solutions you may come across online. Unless you have any real, hand-on experience repairing rug fringes, re-weaving and restoring rugs, we advise you to let the pros handle the work for you. We will save you a lot of precious time and money as you will be only paying a fraction of the usually steep price these rugs are sold for.  Plus, our area rug re-fringing prices are some of the most competitive in the industry, which means that you have every reason to hire us for the job and avoid amateur attempts that could lead to a disaster. We will reach you at a date and time that is most convenient to you, pick up the rugs, have them professionally cleaned, bind, re-fringed and bring them back to you in the shortest time possible. We use industry-grade air dryers inside rooms with controlled temperature and humidity, this allows us to speed up the drying process and restore your carpets into their designated area in the house as quickly as possible.

Area Rug Binding Services In NY

This technique is also referred to as rug whipping and it refers to the overlocking of nylon and wool yarn to the edges of the rugs. This way, the carpets are given a subtle, but at the same time hard-wearing finish that will help prolong its lifespan.

We can assist you with an endless number of computer-generated colors and shades for the rug binding NY process so you can benefit from top results. We will make sure to either perfectly match or complement the colors in your carpet, so there are no visible differences that could tamper with its aesthetics.

We can assist you wth binding services for stair runners, bind doormats, circular or oval rugs, half-moon rugs and any other form, shape or size of a rug you might need assistance with. Our skilled technicians can even assist you with binding solutions for car mats, yachts or motor homes, as well as carpets you would normally place around the fireplace.

We specialize in tape, rope and traditional area rug binding New York services and we know how to  tackle any type of binding work with high precision, attention to detail and the utmost respect for each and every valuable carpet that reaches us.

Affordable Rug Re-Fringing & Binding Services In NY

We offer free and fully comprehensive rug binding and carpet re-fringing NY price estimates that will incur zero obligations to you. Call now and get your free price quote from our friendly and experienced customer support representatives and let us lend you the hand you need.

We cover the entire New York area, so make sure to give us a call no matter if you live in Brooklyn, the Upper East Side, State Island, the Bronx or anywhere else. We have good rug re-fringing and binding rates and we provide top service!


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