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Persian Rugs are some of the oldest and most timeless decorative pieces found in homes across the world. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. We enjoy Persian Rug Cleaning at Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, namely because Persian Culture is clearly visible across the fabric.

The History of Persian Rugs

Persian Area Rugs, also known as Iranian Rugs, are made from heavy textile. They are used for both utilitarian and symbolic purposes, often produced in Iran and surrounding areas that historically belonged to the Persian Empire.

Persian Rugs are woven, sold, and exported from these countries, where carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian Culture. You’ll find the Persian Rug stands apart from other Oriental Area Rugs in a number of ways, specifically in elaborateness and design.

Versions of the Persian Rug woven in the villages and tribes of Iran are characterized by fine wool, bright colors, and traditional patterns. Small village weavers create bolder designs. These rugs are often considered the most authentic, as the designs are not artistic or pre-planned like they are in various other parts of the world.

Persian Rugs in the Modern Age

Current Persian Rug Production has returned to traditional dyeing with natural dyes, rather than the synthetic dyes used during the second half of the nineteenth century. You can also find more authentic tribal patterns, woven in an old technique using modern designs.

Even now, hand-woven Persian Area Rugs are considered highly artistic, valuable, and prestigious. For this reason, Persian Rug Cleaning must be on-par. Persian Rugs are durable, long-lasting, and part of a flourishing culture. You can see history woven straight into the pattern.

Modern Persian Rugs often include floral or paisley patterns, but they can also include geometric designs, stripes, animals, and nature. Generally speaking, Persian Area Rug Designs are symmetrical, making their creation even more impressive.

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Because of their inherent value, you should ensure Persian Rug Cleaning is done efficiently and effectively. We treat your precious belongings with care at Oriental Area Rug Cleaning.

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