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Pakistani Rug Cleaning

Do you need fast, reliable and affordable Pakistani rug cleaning services for a heavily-soiled Peshawar Ziegler, Bokhara or Gabbeh rug? We are IICRC-certified Pakistani rugs cleaners that specialize in all types of oriental rugs. We provide the entire range of cleaning services, including repair, restoration and stain removal services at good prices. Give us a call now at 866-936-0471 and let our friendly customer care representatives schedule a cleaning job for you. No matter where in the NY area you might live, you can benefit from our fast service and reliable services.

The unique colors, designs, high-quality fabrics, yarn, warp and rich history uniquely embedded in each of these antique Pakistani rugs make them the favorites of many. A handmade rug made of natural sheep or camel wool, silk or cotton will always add glamour and livelihood to any décor. Of course, just like any other type of Oriental rug, Pakistani carpets are fragile and require special cleaning procedures and guidelines for a damage-free experience every time. Their weavers spend around 3,000 hours or more handling the detailed weaving techniques and knotting hundreds of thousands of knots so you can bring these masterpieces inside your homes. Steering clear from DIY homemade cleaners or stain removers rich in harmful chemicals is one of the first pieces of advice our technicians will give you. If you truly wish to clean and properly maintain your beloved and expensive rugs, hiring professional Pakistani rugs cleaners NY is your best bet.

We specialize in everything for hand-washing, machine-washing using industrial equipment, temperature-controlled air drying, spot and stain removal, including pet stain removal, repair, restoration and re-weaving techniques.

The most popular Pakistani rug cleaning services we are hired to do:

  • deep Pakistani rug cleaning
  • spot and stain removal
  • pet waste removal
  • re-weaving, repair and restoration
  • fringe repairs
  • deodorization

Pakistani Rug Cleaning New York

As IICRC certificate carriers, we are up-to-date with the highest carpet cleaning industry standards, as well as the most recent releases in terms of safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents and non-harmful cleaning methods. Oriental rugs in general and Pakistani rugs in particular are a lot more prone to get damaged because of the use of the wrong cleaners with harmful chemicals in them. This is why we only choose to work with environmentally-friendly cleaners that contain zero allergens and hard toxins. This means your recently cleaned rugs can be put back into place and stepped on straight away.

We always perform detailed color-run tests on all rugs to make sure there will be no color dye bleeding incidents that could potentially ruin your beloved carpets. We also closely follow all the instructions and recommendations provided by the rug manufacturers and only rely on cleaners that contain no ammonia or bleach. Ideally, all cleaning motions should be completed against the pile, followed by manual and gentle brushing techniques that only a professional Pakistani rug cleaner knows how to use.

With the help of professional vacuuming cleaners, we will thorough eliminate most of the dirt, dust mites, allergens and other nasty particles trapped inside the fibers, followed by manual washing whenever necessary. We target old and new spills and stains with advanced stain removers that are not harmful to the carpet or the air inside your home. We also rely on water-extraction gear for expert rinsing that will ensure quicker drying times. We never forget to carefully rinse the nap and the rug’s back and finish off with a brushing session.


Pakistani Rug Repair & Pakistani Rug Restoration Services

Pakistani Bokhara rugs are incredibly soft and have an appealing and luxurious design and feel thanks to the mesmerizing colors and designs. They are made from 100% natural wool and they are found in a variety of sizes, matching entryways, lobbies and even kitchen areas. If you need such a rug restored or you need some missing or broken fringes repaired on a different Pakistani rug model, give us a call.

We can re-weave any missing or damaged weaves in your rug and make sure the colors match the original yarn and use other Pakistani rug restoration techniques suitable for the exact fabrics in your carpeting.

Affordable Pakistani Rug Cleaning Prices

We offer some of the most affordable Pakistani rug cleaning prices in New York and we can help you start your journey with us with a free price quote you can get by phone or online. We can help you pay a small fraction of the price you would pay to have your precious rugs replaced, so give us a call now and get your estimate.

Get in touch with us now and let us help you clean and restore your precious Pakistani rugs.

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