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Oriental Rugs Types

Our Favorite Rug Types

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, we consider ourselves experts in all things rug-related. We take the time to learn about rug history, using information from impressive specialists around the world. The following Oriental Style Rugs are some of our favorites:

Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs, also known as Iranian Rugs, are some of the oldest, most timeless pieces found in homes around the world. They come in many colors, sizes, and designs. Persian Rugs are made from heavy textile, used for both symbolic and utilitarian purposes. Persian Culture is visible across the fabric.

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Wool Rugs

Wool is a fiber commonly sheared from sheep. Elastic and crimped, wool is both stain and fire resistant. Wool can be used for insulation, home decoration, and clothing. The process of harvesting wool is lengthy but worth it.

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Chinese Art Deco Rugs

Chinese Art Deco Rugs are a direct result of culture clashing. Art Deco first appeared before World War I, inspiring jewelry, fashion, cars, buildings, and area rugs. The style embraced exotic cultures, including those from India, Persia, China, and Japan. Chinese Art Deco Rugs became popular in Western Countries during the Jazz Age.

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Flokati Rugs

Flokati Rugs originated in Greece. They are intricate, historical, and influential Oriental Style Rugs. Initially, the rugs were shaggy, as the potential of wool was not completely understood. When a Flokati Rug was left in cold river water for two days, villagers in Samarina, Greece realized the process created a flourished, more comfortable carpet.

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Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan Rugs are known for their rich history and impressive appearance. They are highly expensive and crafted from the wool of sheep, also known as changpel. Tibetan Rugs are crafted from unique knotting methods, a variety of patterns, and rich hues.

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Turkish Kilim Rugs

Turkish Kilim Rugs represent Asia Minor and the adjacent regions. This large area once belonged to the Ottoman Empire. These Oriental Style Rugsrepresent regional culture, derived from the multi-religious and multi-ethnic traditions of the empire. Kilims are flat and tapestry-woven, used as decorations or functional centerpieces for prayer.

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Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs represent all weaves, carpets, and textiles that were traditionally hand-woven in Morocco. These area rugs were initially designed to keep villagers warm during cold months and cool during warm months. Moroccan Rugs vary greatly in thickness and pile.

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Needlepoint and Aubusson Rugs

The history of both Needlepoint and Aubusson Rugs dates back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe. They use classic, timeless designs and often last for hundreds of years. Needlepoint Carpets date back to Ancient Egypt, while Aubusson Tapestries originated in France.

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Karastan Rugs

Karastan, while disguised as Oriental Style Rugs, is actually the brand responsible for creating “Wonder Rugs” that have wowed visitors at two world fairs and other exciting events. The rugs are not hand-woven, but rival the elegance and class of those that are.

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