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Needlepoint Rugs and Aubusson Rugs

An Egyptian History

Both Needlepoint Rugs and Aubusson Rugs</em have their roots in sixteenth and seventeenth-century European traditions. They incorporate arrangements of classic, timeless designs and often last for hundreds of years.

The History of Needlepoint and Aubusson

Needlepoint Rugs date back to Ancient Egyptians, though the process of hand-stitching the threads together has changed throughout the years. The process was completely transformed in the sixteenth century when thread embroidery through open-weave canvases became popular in England and France.

Many consumers have trouble understanding what, exactly, Needlepoint Rugs are. Needlepoint is a form of counted thread embroidery, where yarn is stitched through a stiff, open weave canvas. In general, designs completely cover the canvas.

Needlepoint Rugs can utilize a variety of stitches, though most designs rely on a simple tent stitch and color changes in yarn to construct patterns.

Originally, the Needlepoint Rug was created to mimic the vibes of Turkish culture. They take advantage of soft colors, floral designs, and images of French and English history. Consumers are often impressed with the intense attention to detail shown in Needlepoint Carpet Creation.

While Needlepoint Rugs and Aubusson Rugs are similar, they are not the same. Aubusson Rugs exhibit complex color patterns, symmetrical knots, and architectural designs. These rugs are hand-made and woven with French influence, named for a small town located two hundred miles from Paris.

In the beginning, Aubusson Carpets were also Aubusson Tapestries, manufactured through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to help compete with Gobelins Tapestry and Beauvais Tapestry. Aubusson Tapestries were developed from looms in family workshops created by Flemings. Their origins date back to the arrival of weavers from Flanders, who took refuge in Aubusson during the sixteenth century.

The town of Felletin is currently identified as the location where centuries-old Aubusson Tapestries were discovered, though the craft still thrives today.

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