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Moroccan Rug

An Ancient History

The term Moroccan Rug includes all weaves, carpets, and textiles that were traditionally hand-woven in Morocco. Since the Paleolithic Era, these rugs have been woven by indigenous people. At first, the rugs were manufactured for utility, rather than for decorative purposes.

The History of Moroccan Rugs

The art of weaving carpets was adopted in the historic area encompassing the modern nation of Morocco to keep residents comfortable during extreme season changes. During the winters, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains posed a threat. During the summers, the Sahara Desert forced villagers to cope with nearly unbearable heat.

For this reason, Moroccan Rugs vary greatly in their level of pile (the density of carpet fibers). These area rugs can be very thick with heavy pile, or entirely flat with extremely low pile.

The designs shown on Moroccan Rugs are traditional and ancient, passed down from weaver to weaver over centuries. Some major cities have a unique style or design that distinguish its carpet from others. Fes, the long-time capital of Morocco, is one of the most important carpet-producing cities today.

Modern Uses

The Moroccan Rug first became popular in Western Countries when mid-century modern designers began pairing thick rugs with sleek furniture. Preferred versions vary from neutral shapes to bright hues, with complex and sometimes geometric designs. Although the rugs exhibit little elegance, they fit well with modern décor.

Rugs in Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods are often dynamic and masterful, with floral patterns, diamonds, and other designs that signify specific tribes in Morocco.

Modern Moroccan Rugs typically come in two themes – urban and tribal. Urban Rugs have narrow, long designs, and are woven together with soft colors and red hues. Tribal Rugs are symmetrical in design, with geometric shapes, rows, and columns.

Whether your interest is urban or tribal, you’ll find Moroccan Rugs fit well in almost every home, including yours.

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