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Expert Mold Removal Services

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning is an expert mold inspection, air testing, and mold removal service serving the NY area. We work with IICRC-certified mold removal experts who can tackle anything from simple bathroom tile and grout, mattress, carpeting, and upholstery remediation to complex HVAC ductwork mold cleaning.

Get in touch with us, let us know exactly what you need assistance with, and schedule a mold remediation job with us.

Our Professional Mold Remediation Services

Our technicians specialize in mold remediation solutions for residential clients as well as commercial spaces. No matter if you need emergency water restoration solutions and advanced mold remediation or you need to decontaminate your HVAC ductwork, we are here to provide you with expert solutions at good prices. There are some of the most frequent mold remediation services we are hired to do:

  • mold inspection and air quality testing
  • eco-friendly mold removal and remediation solutions
  • EPA-certified mold cleaning products
  • steam cleaning for carpets and mattresses
  • bathroom tile and grout, toilet, and bathtub mold remediation
  • basement and laundry room mold cleaning
  • HVAC mold remediation
  • cooling and heating ductwork mold cleaning

Why Do You Need Mold Cleaning Solutions?

Mold is a natural-occurring fungus found in nature that features a multi-cell structure named hyphae. When mold reaches the inside of your home or commercial space through airborne spores and lands on wet or damp surfaces, it starts to rapidly multiply. If left unnoticed or cleaned improperly, mold can turn into full-blown contamination that is difficult to remove using simple household products.

As expected, the bathroom, basements, laundry rooms, the areas around the A/C, and the inside of HVAC ductwork are more likely to get contaminated with mold spores since they are constantly wet or damp. Improper air ventilation, poor air circulation, accidental spills, sweat, and floods caused by broken pipes can also trigger mold problems approximately 72 hours after exposure.

Another problem with mold is the fact that mold spores are untraceable without the magnifying tools, which means preventing a mold problem from becoming too serious might be difficult to do. Nonetheless, there are some early signs of mold contamination that you could look for. For instance, noticing small surfaces covered in a white, black, green, brown, or pink film with a velvety texture in your shower area, on your tile and grout, on the ceiling, on the back of your carpets or on your mattresses, your home has most likely been contaminated with mold. If you can also smell a specific musty odor and you are experiencing more allergies, skin rashes, unexplainable headaches, or breathing problems lately, you are also probably dealing with hidden mold.

Our expert mold remediation technicians know just how to assess, identify, and remove a mold problem from your home or business space. We only work with approved IICRC technicians who have obtained their mold expert certification. This proves they have passed an official exam and have accumulated at least one year of experience tackling mold problems before the exam. You can rely on them to safely and accurately find, remove, contain, and disinfect all mold-affected surfaces. If you have never had your home professionally tested for mold before or you need a complex mold remediation job for corporate office space, give us a call. We only work with environmentally-friendly mold cleaning products and we oftentimes rely on steam cleaning solutions for upholstery and carpeting mold and stain removal.

Types of Mold We Can Work With

There are thousands of different types of mold that could reach the inside of your home or commercial space and they can all be spread into three main categories: allergenic, pathogenic, and toxic mold. Allergenic mold is the least harmful type of mold you could be dealing with. You can usually remove it using regular mold cleaning household products. However, it can become a recurring problem for most households, requiring a professional mold remediation service. Pathogenic mold normally spreads in larger colonies and requires powerful disinfectants to thoroughly remove all the spores. Toxic mold is the most dangerous mold variant that can lead to serious health issues. It should be handled by professional mold cleaners who know how to remove the spores and safely dispose of all materials. Acremonium, cladosporium, black bold, alternaria, and mucor are just a few of the most popular types of mold we are asked to clean most often.

If you are not sure what type of mold you are dealing with, give us a call and let us come over and assess the problem for you.

Bathroom Mold Remediation Services

We specialize in bathtub, shower, hot tub, tile and grout, toilet, sink, and ceiling mold cleaning services. We can help you find the source of the black mold inside your bathroom and eradicate it for you at a convenient price.

HVAC and A/C Air Duct Mold Cleaning

Our New York mold cleaning services specialize in assessing, cleaning, containing, and disinfecting all types of mold colonies growing and thriving inside your HVAC system, around your A/C and heating or cooling units, or drip pans. We can tackle all types of HVAC systems made of a variety of materials including glass, metal, or flex.

Competitive Mold Removal Prices in New York

We provide free, transparent, and comprehensive price quotes for all the services we provide, including mold remediation and mold cleaning. We charge the most competitive mold cleaning service prices in the NY area, so do not hesitate to give us a call no matter if you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester, Staten Island, or Queens.

Call on us right now and let us schedule a mold remediation job for your home or commercial and start breathing fresh, mold-free indoor air once again!

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