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The Flokati Area Rug

An Intricate History

The Flokati Area Rug originated in Samarina, Greece. These intricate pieces are considered some of the most historic and influential creations of all time. We are proud to care for Flokati Rugs at Oriental Area Rug Cleaning – where your precious belongings are taken seriously.

The History of the Flokati Rug

Villagers in Samaria around 4000 A.D. were primarily shepherds. Their sheep were used for dairy products like cheese and milk. Eventually, the villagers began using wool from sheared sheep to keep themselves warm during the winter months.

Traditional forms of the Flokati Area Rug were shaggy, as the potential of wool was not fully understood. Once, by pure accident, a group of shepherds left a woven wool blanket immersed in cold river water for two days. When they returned for the blanket, they found the wool had unraveled and flourished.
Ever since then, Flokati Rugs were flourished, later becoming a luxury for hundreds of families across Greece and around the world. Flokati is versatile, used for blankets, bedding, clothing, and floor coverings. You’ll find that Flokati Rugs are generally flame and stain resistant, benefitting from the general characteristics of wool while standing out from the crowd.

Flokati Rugs in the United States

Until the cultural revolution of the ‘70s, Flokati Rugs remained unpopular in the United States. When shag became the defining style of the decade, Flokati Rugs became an artistic method of expression. Even now, the Flokati Area Rug remains an important part of style and design in Western home furnishings.
Flokati Area Rugs are still handmade in the mountains of Greece, maintaining their uniqueness with a “fluff” process that involves cold river water. Although they are traditionally off-white, Flokati Rugs come in a variety of colors and designs.

We do not suggest storing Flokati Area Rugs underneath furniture or attempting to clean them at home. These rugs require a specific cleaning process to ensure a long lifespan. Remember – it is always cheaper to invest in proper cleaning than to purchase a new Oriental Area Rug altogether.

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