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Chinese Art Deco Rugs

Chinese Art Deco Cleaning Services NY

We specialize in cleaning the entire array of Chinese Art Deco rugs, ranging from wool, hand-knotted rugs with 160,0000 knots per square meter, 8 mm thickness and up to 100 years of age or a Kina type of rug made of silk and counting no less than 800,000 knots per square meter and everything on between. Contemporary Chinese Art Deco rugs that are less than two decades old benefit of some of the sturdiest natural fibers in the weaving industry. Silk is best used to accentuate amazing details in wool rugs, but it can also be used for weaving the warp and pile, depending on the model. If you own a refined carpet with lots of details on it, you are probably looking at a rug made entirely of soft and lustrous silky structures. All these rugs require professional cleaning techniques, a certain level of skill and lots of industry know-how to avoid any accidental damages.

All of our technicians are IICRC-certified, experienced, well trained and skilled and they know how to carefully assess all types of fibers, weaves, fabrics, warp, yarn and pile and recommend the best solutions. We always design and implement fully customized Chinese Art Deco cleaning plans that guarantee each rug will benefit from the best treatment possible suitable for its particular features.

We handle advanced cleaning solutions, be it steam cleaning, hand-washing or machine-washing, temperature-controlled drying solutions and spot and stain removal. We use organic, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and allergen-free solutions that are non-toxic and safe to use around children, pets and plants.

Our Chinese Art Deco rug cleaners NY also use the most advanced vacuum cleaners and top-tier automatic beaters that can thoroughly clean any type of carpet, no matter how old, sensitive and expensive. We always strive to use non-harmful solutions that will not cause any damage to the oils and lanolin in the fibers, which are the natural dirt-repellants keeping spills and stains at bay. We can reach deep into the fibers and remove hard to access traces of bacteria, allergens, dust mites, moth larvae and even mold and mildew. Once we will be done vacuuming and cleaning your rugs on both sides, you will notice significant improvements in the quality of the air inside your house.

Chinese Art Deco Repair Services NY

Our Chinese Art Deco repair services rely on special fringe, pile and warp repair and replacement techniques. We provide top Chinese Art Deco restoration solutions that use top-tier high rollers which are great at successfully restoring fading rug colors and repairing and cleaning damaged or dirty rug fringes. We can re-weave affected or missing weaves and fringes using quality yarn. We can even dye yarn for you to make sure the repairs will perfectly match the original shades and colors in your rug. We can generate millions of colors on our computers, so no job is too difficult or impossible for us.

Affordable Chinese Art Deco Rug Cleaning Prices

If you are searching for a reputable, affordable and safe Chinese Antique Art Deco cleaning service in the New York area, give us a call. From Soho to Harlem, Flushing, Manhattan, the Upper East Side, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens or The Bronx, we are ready to lend you the professional hand you need. We offer free, no-obligation price quotes and affordable prices on all of our services and we invite you to get in touch with our friendly customer support team for any questions.

Give us a call now and schedule a cleaning job with us and we will bring back the lost life, charm and freshness in your beloved Chinese Art Deco rug.

A Unique History

Chinese Art Deco Rugs are a product of culture clashing. They have become prevalent in American Homes, known for their unique design and varying cultural influences. You won’t find a standard color scheme or uniformity among them. These rugs have the ability to fit your preferences.

Art Deco is a style of visual arts, design, and architecture that first appeared before World War I. It influenced the design of jewelry, fashion, cars, buildings, and (most impressively) area rugs. This style embraced exotic cultures, including those from China, Japan, India, Persia, and ancient Egypt. During this era, Chinese Art Deco Rugs were born.

The History of Chinese Art Deco Rugs

For centuries, Chinese Artists created rugs solely for Chinese Citizens. It wasn’t until the late nineteenth century that rugs became a major export of the country. Once demand rose, mass production became the focus – rather than traditional design.

Surprisingly, Chinese Art Deco Rugs came into existence almost by mistake. These carpets were first introduced during the Jazz Age (between 1920 and 1930). While they fit the spirit of the time and continue to impress consumers around the world today, the reason for their existence is largely unknown.
During World War I, Mideastern Trade Links were badly damaged, making luxury area rugs from Turkey and Iran (the “Weaving Belt”) difficult to obtain. This, paired with consumers’ want for significant change, led to the intense popularity of traditional Chinese Carpets. Soon, Western Versions of the originals became the focus of the era.

Although there was no Art Deco movement in China itself, these carpets became known as Chinese Art Deco Rugs.
The exact origin of the rug is hotly debated. Some experts believe Chinese Students, who studied art in major schools in both Japan and Europe, created the carpet designs famous for honing international trends. Others give credit to a group of American Entrepreneurs living in China during the Jazz Age.
One thing remains certain. Chinese Art Deco Rugs are still a popular artistic staple in the United States and around the world.

Our Services

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