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Antique Rug Cleaning NYC

Looking for expert antique rug cleaning services in New York for good prices? Call 866-936-0471 now and schedule a job with us. We cover the entire array of antique rug cleaning solutions and we only rely on green, non-toxic, allergen-free cleaners and the safest cleaning practices in town.

Antique rugs that are part of important family heirlooms usually cost a few thousands of dollars or more and they have an incommensurable value for their owners. Antique Persian rugs like Qum Sherkat Farsh rugs are made of high-quality, natural cork-wool sheared from the neck of lambs. They are knotted in Qum, a holy town in central Persia and their weavers manage to spin the wool to the point that the threads become extremely thin and durable. This makes these carpets extremely tight and even more precious. Maintaining them clean all year long and keeping them away from away damaging factors is a must. Most antique rugs are either entirely made of wool or a mix of silk, cotton and wool. While wool is known to be a powerful repelling for dirt and maintenance is not very difficult, antique rug cleaning does incur a series of special skills and practices. For best results and also to avoid any unfortunate accidents, we strongly suggest you only hire expert carpet cleaners.

Antique Rug Cleaning Services NY

We only work with eco-friendly, green, toxin- and allergen-free cleaning products and the safest cleaning methods that can be used around children and pets. All our technicians are IICRC-certified and they obey the highest standards in the industry. This means you can expect the most reliable cleaning solutions at fast speeds and good, affordable prices. Here are some of the most common cleaning services we are hired to do for antique rugs:

  • antique rug deep cleaning services
  • antique rug stain removal services
  • antique rug spill and spot cleaning
  • industrial-grade vacuuming solutions
  • rug maintenance
  • deodorization

Call our friendly customer support ta now and let us answer all your questions and tell you what else we can do for you. Depending on the details you will provide us by phone, we will explain the various cleaning alternatives we normally use on your type of rugs and give you free price estimates.

Antique Rug Spot Removal Services In NY

Antique rugs made of natural wool are rich in lanolin, which turns them into superb dirt-repellants as they also have good flame-resistant features. They are also known to effectively keep their shape, which means the pile should always naturally rise on its own. However, the use of improper cleaning products and methods could cause severe damage to these rugs. If you have paid steep prices on them, you should do everything in your power to prevent them from losing their value.

Any fresh food or liquid spills should be immediately taken care of with the help of a clean and dry cloth and careful lotting. Avoid rubbing a stain using back and front movements that could further embed the stain into the fibers, making it even more difficult to clean. Just keep in mind lots of the DIY antique rug cleaning methods you can currently find online are likely to do more bad than good. For example, you should never use apple cider vinegar to clean your carpets. For a zero-risk cleaning job, give the Oriental Area Rug Cleaning team a call.

We examine rug fabrics and weaving techniques, perform colorfastness tests, determine the type of dyes that have been used in the process and recommend the most suitable solutions. This could be anything from steam cleaning to hand or machine washing and dry cleaning, always followed by air drying so you can start enjoying your rugs as soon as possible.

Antique Rug Maintenance Services NY

If you are the owner of an antique carpet made of wool fibers covered in natural lanolin, steer clear from various homemade moth treatments used for repair or maintenance purposes, as well as maintenance steam-cleaning and dry-cleaning, as they could possibly affect the integrity of the fibers and the lanolin in them. This means the carpets will become much more susceptible to staining in the future. Our steam-clean technique is one of the most popular solutions for most types of rugs as it can successfully store up to 95% of the bacteria and allergens. However, depending on the type of antique rug you will need us to clean, we will ponder our decision and recommend a different approach for a 100% safe procedure every time.

Affordable Antique Rug Cleaning Prices NY

We handle tumble and hand-washing solutions, stain and spot removal, including pet waste removal, odor removal and other related cleaning services at affordable prices. Get your free price estimate by phone or online today and schedule an affordable antique rug cleaning job with us as soon as possible.

Call now and let our IICRC-certified antique carpet cleaners NY come prove to you why we are the best service in town.

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