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Jute Rug Cleaning in NYC, NJ & CT

Jute rugs are biodegradable and eco-friendly and they are usually sold at affordable prices, turning them into excellent choices for many homeowners. If you are looking for expert jute cleaning services in NY, NJ, or CT and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us.

Our experts specialize in the entire array of jute rug cleaning, vacuuming, and stain removal services. They also provide professional jute rug repair and jute rug restoration solutions at good rates.

Our Expert Jute Rug Cleaning Services

Jute rugs are manufactured with fibers from the jute plant known as Genus Corchorus. The plant’s origins are found in the tropical lowland areas of Bangladesh and India. Jute is the second most cultivated plant on the planet next to cotton. In order to create jute fiber used to weave beautiful rugs, the plants’ bark is stripped and dried. This gives these rugs excellent properties including their enhanced durability and toughness, soft and pleasant texture, and organic feel.

Whether you live in one of New York’s busy neighborhoods, the New Jersey or Connecticut areas, the Oriental Area Rug Cleaning services can help you freshen up your natural fiber jute rugs, remove old stains and bad odors, and restore them based on your exact needs.

No matter if you need assistance with a natural beige rug or a dyed jute area rug weaved with additional chenille for extra smoothness and plush, we are the people of the job. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of jute rug models and tackled dozens of different types of problems. This has helped us perfect our cleaning and maintenance routine. We guarantee 100% of your satisfaction no matter how simple or complex your requirements might be.

Our Jute Rug Cleaning Procedure

While jute rugs are relatively easy to clean, moisture can get easily trapped in them, leading to additional mold and mildew issued problems. This means cleaning these rugs should not rely on large amounts of water. Our cleaners use advanced vacuuming and dry cleaning techniques, along with expert stain, spot, and odor removal solutions for best results.

Shampoo cleaning, washing, and steam cleaning are usually out of the discussion when it comes to jute rugs given their sensitivity to water and moisture. Our experts use a complex dry cleaning procedure that is initiated through a thorough inspection of the rug, followed by the vacuuming step with commercial-grade vacuum cleaners with special brush attachments. These attachments help us easily reach hard-to-access areas and trapped debris, dust, and residual dirt.

Fabric brushes with stiff bristles are also part of the vacuuming routine. After the initial evaluation of the rug and the preliminary vacuuming, our experts will proceed to tackle any old or fresh food or liquid stains and spots.

Stain removal for jute rugs is done using a series of special dry cleaning products such as powders, fabric cleaners, and sprays that are different from the products used to remove stains from standard rugs and carpets woven with synthetic fibers.

Jute Rug Repair & Restoration Solutions

Another important step part of our expert jute rug cleaning routine includes repair and restoration. Depending on the age of your rug and the type of damage from children, pets, heavy foot traffic, or improper vacuum cleaning, our experts will run a detailed assessment and decide the best solutions.

With the help of our advanced know-how and expertise in repairing and restoring area rug rugs, we can bring back to life your beloved area rug in the shortest time possible with minimum risks. We rely on advanced sewing needles, thread, glue, binding tape, and trimmers to get rid of visible openings and tears in the rugs, fix snagged edges, or repair frayed tassels.

Tears in jute rugs are fixed by carefully gluing the runaway jute fibers with the help of binding tape or special types of glue for rugs. Next, the glued fibers are placed into the respective openings and pushed back into the hole with the help of dedicated tools.

If there are no visible openings in your jute rug, the restoration work will consist of trimming the wayward fibers away while securing the additional fibers in place.

Frayed tassel problems are tackled by our professional jute rug cleaners by dividing the tassel into two halves and gluing and securing each of the two resulting sections, then twisting and gluing them together to form the new tassel.

Snagged edges are handled by initially trimming the frayed to obtain a clean border. The next step is to tie binding tape to the newly obtained border, then sew it together with the help of a needle and thread.

No matter if you need emergency jute rug stain removal services in NY or NJ or you need complete cleaning, stain removal, and repair work on your jute rugs in CT, give us a call. We work fast, and affordable, and we guarantee the best results every time!


Do jute rugs shrink when washed?

Usually, yes. It is best to stay away from using water to wash jute rugs or remove stains and spots from them. It is recommended to only use very small amounts of water or to stick to dry cleaning solutions to prevent damage to the fibers and overall structure of the rugs. Using water to clean jute rugs is also likely to trigger water marks and stains behind.

Is it easy to clean jute rugs?

Yes. Their natural fabrics make them easy to clean and maintain, with simple and periodical vacuuming and dry cleaning requirements. However, because of the high rate at which they absorb and retain water, jute rugs cannot be washed or cleaned with regular area rug or carpet shampoo. For the safest solutions, get in touch with our expert jute rug cleaning company and let us schedule a cleaning job for you.

Can jute rugs be cleaned with regular carpet cleaners?

Normally, we advise against the use of regular carpet or area rug cleaners on jute rugs. This is because these cleaners usually require the use of water and they also contain harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the jute fibers.

Can I vacuum a jute rug?

Yes. Jute rugs can and should be vacuumed twice a week on average for proper maintenance and care. The vacuum cleaner should be passed over the same area repeatedly and from different directions. Any visible traces of loose debris should be handled with the help of a powerful suction vacuum. It is best to steer clear of beater bars when vacuuming jute rugs.

Should I use put baking soda on jute rugs?

Baking soda can be used on jute rugs to successfully remove bad odors and traces of dirt and moisture. Simply apply the baking soda, let it sit overnight so it can absorb the lingering smells, then vacuum up the baking soda the next day prior to flipping the rug to repeat the procedure on the other side.

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