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How To Decide If An Oriental Rug Is Good For Your Bathroom

So you’ve recently visited a friend’s house, and you had quite a shock when you noticed there were Oriental carpets lying on the bathroom tile. “What an unusual choice of carpeting for a bathroom!”, you might have thought to yourself. When you asked your friend about it, you were surprised to hear how satisfied they were with their Persian rug. Can you imagine yourself buying an expensive woven Oriental carpet for your bathroom? A simple search online on Pinterest and other similar platforms will bring you face to face with an impressive number of photos displaying a wide array of Oriental rugs people have chosen to decorate their bathrooms with. So if this trend is new to you and you are interested in learning more about it, the internet could be a good starting point for you.

If you are having doubts about the usefulness or sturdiness of a Persian rug inside wet and steamy bathrooms, these next few lines should shine more light over the topic. Maybe all these people know something that you don’t!?


Feeling Hesitant About Oriental Rugs?

  • If you are feeling hesitant about giving Oriental rugs a try when it comes to your bathroom, you wouldn’t be the only one.
  • For some people, this approach will simply not do it. The thought of stepping on an expensive Oriental rug straight out of the shower, with their fee still wet does not sit well with a lot of people.
  • For them, the risks of damaging these carpets outweigh the benefits of having them decorate their bathrooms.
  • The truth is Persian rugs are definitely nor for everybody. But if you are willing to give it a go, you will need to learn a few simple maintenance tactics that should help you make the most of this experience.


Be Careful About Water!


  • Needless to say, one of the greatest concerns most people have then considering Oriental rugs for their bathroom has a lot to do with the water problem. Namely, they are frightened about the potentially harmful effects of water on these carpets.
  • Fast and unexpected floods or slow dry-rot scenarios are both plausible when it comes to bathrooms. Now it all depends on the type of plumbing you have, and the repair and maintenance work you do on it – be it personally or with the help of a trained repairman. If you like to save a few bucks now and then and perform your own repair work on your leaking pipes, chances are you will be dealing with small floods.
  • The same goes if you have small children in the house who enjoy flushing their toys down the toilet. Oriental rugs might not be the wisest choice for you – stick to your living room or bathroom instead.
  • If, on the other hand, your bathroom is free from floods and other similar incidents, you should go ahead and give these rugs a try.


Proximity To The Shower Cabin/Tub Is Critical

  • Deciding if you should put a Persian rug in your bathroom should also depend on your tub’s/shower cabin’s proximity to the actual rug. When stepping out of the shower with your wet feet and your Persian rug is right in front of your tub, your heart might ache a little every time.
  • It is highly possible for a carpet to be damp on a consistent basis, but not wet enough for you to actually notice it. This could easily lead to dry rot – something that will turn your carpet dry and brittle. You will also notice cracking and breaking signs. Fixing these problems will definitely cost you some serious money.
  • If you like to enjoy your long and hot baths, maybe splash a lot in the tub, or there are a few people taking showers in your bathroom on a daily day, you might want to stay away from Oriental carpets. If you can consider yourself a careful and considerate person, you have every chance of fully enjoying your Persian rug.

Choose The Fabrics Carefully

  • There are several types of materials a Persian rug can be made of; the most common of them for handmade carpets are wool, silk, and cotton. Cotton carpets are the highest recommended types of Oriental carpets to choose for a bathroom. They are the least sensitive and the sturdiest.
  • Silk carpets on the other hand should be kept away from bathrooms as they are more sensitive and could be damaged more easily.
  • Wool rugs that feature wool pile knotted onto cotton can be used in a bathroom. On the other hand, carpets that are made of wool exclusively are prone to suffer because of the damp bathroom environment.

If you do choose to place a gorgeous Oriental carpet in you bathroom as well, see that you have it properly cleaned and maintained with suitable cleaning agents and procedures. To lower the risk of damages caused by improper vacuuming or cleaning, hire professional cleaners like the guys at NYC Steam Cleaners and rely on their experience and advanced tools/cleaners. You will enjoy your beloved living room or bathroom Oriental carpets for many more years to come!

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