Queens Carpet Cleaners

Queens is ranked second in terms of population and first as surface size out of the five New York boroughs. This makes it a good home for the 2.3 million residents of the skyscrapers or suburban neighborhoods here. Indifferent of the size and location of your home, you are probably looking for quick and affordable ways of keeping it clean and tidy. The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning crew in an expert steam carpet cleaning service with more than two decades of experience in the field.

We are IICRC-certified and we only work with organic, non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products and procedures. Our proprietary Queens steam carpet cleaning service is one of our most successful and effective solutions we have been using for many years with excellent results every time. We also offer professional cleaning services for tile and grout, moth cleaning and repair services, upholstery and sofa cleaning, hardwood floor services and EPA-certified disinfecting services. Give us a call now and get a free estimate or schedule a cleaning job with us. We can help you take back your home, office or commercial building and start breathing fresh, clean and germ-free air once again!

Top-Notch Area Rug Cleaning In Queens

Regular carpet cleaners are usually filled with harmful chemicals and they usually fail to get the job done as expected. If you are done with the frustration, we are your go-to cleaners in Queens when looking for quality, deep, non-toxic cleaning services at affordable prices. We only rely on the safest environmentally-friendly cleaning products used by expert cleaners and we always perform colorfastness tests and other similar assessments before using any of our cleaning procedures and products on your carpeting. We know there are no two identical rugs out there and they each have their particular weaving, color dyes, patterns, fringe and fabric characteristics that should be considered before initiating any cleaning job.

You can rest assured there will be no damage caused by using the wrong industry-grade cleaners or our proprietary steam cleaning or hot water extraction procedure on your antique area rugs or expensive, modern-day carpets. We offer stain removal services as well as deodorizing and protective seal application for enhanced stain resistance in the upcoming years.

Upholstery, Furniture and Sofa Cleaning Queens

If you are having trouble getting rid of stubborn food or liquid spill stains off your sofa or upholstered furniture, or you are simply looking to remove the dirt, dust mites and mold that haven’t been tackled in years, we are the people for the job. We rely on advanced and highly efficient furniture and upholstery cleaning solutions that will get rid of almost 100% of all bacteria in your armchairs, sofa, ottoman, beds or mattresses.

We will either use our steam cleaning procedure if the fabrics allow us to, or use a different approach that will ensure a no damage policy. We also handle upholstered drapery and curtain cleaning services at affordable prices and we specialize in sofa cleaning no matter if it is covered in velvet, leather, Jacquard, silk, cotton or a different fabric. We will get you rid of all traces of mold, mildew, dirt and allergens and automatically improve the quality of the air you breathe. We can also deodorize your upholstery and furniture and apply protective sealers and top coats for enhance protection against future stains and spills.

Top Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services Queens

Dealing with heavily soiled, stained or faded hardwood floors that look like they have seen better days? Can’t remember when was the last time when you disinfected your floors? The Queens Oriental Area Rug Cleaning crew can provide you with top-notch cleaning solutions for all types of floors, including mahogany, cherry, oak and more.

Our automatic and manual cleaning techniques allow us to reach the deepest crevices beneath the boards and eliminate all traces of mold, mildew, debris and bacteria. Give us a call and let us schedule a hardwood floor cleaning job for you and you could save thousands of dollars in floor replacement or repairs. We always finish any cleaning job with manual drying for ideal results the floors. We can also apply a top coat for extra shine and better protection against stains.

Tile and Grout Cleaners

Dirty countertops in the kitchen? Stained tile and grout in the bathroom? Stubborn mold and mildew you cannot seem to get rid of no matter how many over-the-counter cleaners you might try? We have the skills, know-how and manpower needed to bring back the lost shine and cleanliness into your faded tile. We can eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria and dirt hiding inside the tiny pores of the grout and tile with our safe and eco-friendly steam cleaning procedure. No matter if you need help with your slate, marble, granite or travertine tile and grout inside a large commercial space or at home, we can assist you with fast and affordable services. We also use penetrating sealers for enhanced protection against mold and stains and we can help you maintain your tile and grout clean and fresh for a longer time.

Moth Removal and Cleaning Services

We can help you with advanced cleaning solutions after a severe or light moth infestation. We know carpets and area rugs made of organic, natural fibers and fabrics like wool, silk and cotton are the most affected items inside the house. If you need assistance with eliminating all traces of moths in your house or you need us to thoroughly clean and disinfect your upholstered furniture, draperies and curtains, schedule an appointment with us. We will carefully assess all fibers and hidden crevices for you and us industry grade vacuum cleaners and advanced steam cleaning machines that will completely eliminate all moths, larvae and eggs included. Our technicians will carefully examine your Persian, Turkish, Chinese Art Deco and other types of Oriental area rugs using natural sun light and make sure nothing escapes their vigilant eyes.

Disinfection and Sterilization Services

If you think your home is clean after regular vacuuming and dusting, think again. There are billions of bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganisms that are responsible for a great deal of allergies and health problems you may not even be aware of. Besides the visible mold, debris or mildew, there are lots of invisible bacteria in hidden crevices, beneath hardwood floor boards, in carpet and upholstered furniture fibers, in the pores of the tile and grout and other similar areas around the house. They all reach the air you breath every time you walk on the floors, step on the carpets and sit in your favorite sofa. We work with the most advanced disinfecting and sterilizing products that are organic, eco-friendly and carry the CDC and EPA seals of approval.

If you are searching for advanced area rug cleaning, tile and grout, hardwood floor, disinfecting, moth, upholstery and sofa cleaning solutions at good prices in Queens, give us a call and get a free estimate today!

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