Identifying Oriental Rugs

Style and Design

Traditional and genuine Oriental Area Rugs have a unique look that is immediately recognizable. They are hand-woven, knotted, and beautifully designed with cultural patterns. Identifying Oriental Rugs isn’t difficult when you are familiar with Oriental Rug Style and Design.

Oriental Area Rug Design

A rug design can be described as either rectilinear (geometric) or curvilinear (floral). Curvilinear rugs show floral figures with fluid drawing and complicated weaving. Rectilinear rugs are bolder, more angular, and highly stylized. Rectilinear rugs are associated with nomadic and village weaving, while curvilinear designs require intricacy and pre-planning, sometimes made in factories or workshops.
You can also describe the design of a rug by how the surface is arranged or organized. A basic design may cover the entire field (background), creating the impression that the pattern continues after the rug ends. This characteristic is common in Islamic Design, which fills the carpet with redundant, interwoven ornaments in a manner called “infinite repeat.”
Designers can also arrange elements more elaborately. For example, a typical oriental rug design uses something called a “medallion,” or a symmetrical pattern occupying the center of the field. Parts of the medallion are repeated at the four corners of the field. More than one medallion can be used, and they may be arranged at different sizes, angles, and shapes across the rug.
The field of a rug can also be broken down into shaped compartments, like diamonds, rectangles, or squares. In most Oriental Area Rugs, the field is surrounded by thick stripes or borders. Generally, there is one wide main border surrounded by minor (guardian) borders. The main border is the most complex, filled with rectilinear or curvilinear designs. These traits can help narrow down your options when Identifying Oriental Rugs.
Designing carpet borders can be truly difficult, especially when it comes to corner articulations. These ornaments must be woven in a way that continues the pattern without interruption between borders. Even skilled weavers require advanced planning and preparation for this process.

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