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Important Rug Information

In this section, we’re going to share Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC History and Information with interested customers. The history and process of carpet creation are impressive and certainly worth exploring for anyone who owns (or would like to own) a piece.

History and Origins

True Oriental Area Rugs hail from the Middle East and Asia, where the origins of rug-making can be traced. Countries known for producing high-quality, hand-woven rugs include India, China, Iran, Morocco, Tibet, Turkey, Pakistan, and Egypt. Generally speaking, rugs made in Europe or America (also known as the Western world) are machine-made, rather than traditionally hand-woven.

Style and Design

Traditional and Genuine Oriental Area Rugs have a unique look that is immediately recognizable. They are hand-woven, knotted, and beautifully designed with cultural patterns. A rug design can be described as either rectilinear (geometric) or curvilinear (floral). Curvilinear rugs show floral figures with fluid drawing and complicated weaving. Rectilinear rugs are bolder, more angular, and highly stylized.


Our website includes Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Information and Terms that you may not understand. This page carries several pre-defined terms that will help you understand the creation and cleaning process of traditional oriental carpets.


Hard work goes into creating each and every Oriental Area Rug. Unlike rugs produced by machines, Oriental Area Rugs require craftsmanship, skill, value, and authenticity. It takes years, sometimes decades, to master the carpet weaving trade. The end result, though? Worth it.


The Oriental Rug Dyeing Process is complex but important to understand. Yarn must be dyed before it becomes woven into a pattern or a loom. This means carpet weavers must know how many colors they need, how much of each color should be dyed, and how best to utilize each color before the weaving process begins.


Oriental Area Rugs can be crafted from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, and silk. On this page, we’ll explain how each material contributes to the oriental carpet tradition.


All Oriental Area Rugs are made with knotted pile, a textile that is formed with upright loops of yarn. Pile represents the density of a rug. Low pile rugs are nearly flat, while high pile rugs are lush and thick.

Hand vs. Machine Made

Contrary to popular belief, the term Oriental Area Rug does not include any elegant, patterned rug. The constant struggle between machine-made and hand-made rugs often explains the confusion, as true Oriental Area Rugs should be hand-woven and knotted.

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