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Gym And Fitness Center Cleaning Service

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning NYC provides expert gym and fitness center commercial cleaning services all year-round. We know how important it is to be running and managing a successful gym or fitness center in this highly competitive industry. Cleanliness is a top factor that can make the difference between a popular gym and one that is barely surviving in the industry. The common cold, various forms of seasonal flu and different types of infectious germs are known to spread at high rates inside populated gyms because of the high traffic. We can assist you with maintaining a clean, sparkling, fully-disinfected and fresh-smelling space for all of your members and staff members.


NYC Gym Cleaning Services We Offer

We know someone who goes to the gym does it to get in shape, feel better and be healthier. Contracting a bug from an insufficiently cleaned gym would render the whole gym membership useless.

Our long and rich expertise in the cleaning industry has helped us come across a number of different issues that gyms and fitness centers deal with over the years. Accordingly, we have developed a cleaning routine that is fully customizable and allows us to ensure the optimal levels of cleanliness every time.

All of our technicians are IICRC-certified, which should speak loud volumes concerning their level of preparation, training, skills and commitment to the job. We can provide you with the desired emergency cleaning services whether your gym is open for business or closed. We know nasty spills and stains can occur when you least expect it, and when they do, they should be handled immediately to minimize the damage. For example, if you are getting ready to open your new fitness center in town and you are painting the walls or using bleach for the final touches, you could risk a spill that could ruin your floors, yoga mats, flooring and any carpeting you may have. Pick up the call and get in touch with us. We are readily available to come to you and instantly tackle any stain, spot or spill, no matter how old or new.

We work with the most advanced professional cleaning tools and products. We can handle deep hardwood floor cleaning with the same care like we complete upholstery or tile and grout jobs. We can fully eliminate all traces of germs, bacteria, dust mites, mold, moths and any other issues you may be dealing with.

We offer the following gym and fitness center cleaning services:

  • full sanitation services for flooring, workout equipment, locker rooms, shower areas and restrooms
  • we offer heavyweight disinfecting and cleaning services for gyms and fitness centers
  • we clean pools, courts, saunas and recreational areas inside gyms
  • we can prevent colds, fungi, mold and infectious bacteria and bugs from spreading inside showers, locker rooms and restrooms
  • we can freshen up the air in your venue


Heavyweight Gym Disinfecting Services

Our technicians work with eco-friendly cleaning products that ensure high levels of safety for your gym members and staff, while protecting the environment. They use a different cleaning plan for each separate space, with the goal of always delivering the most efficient cleaning solutions possible. Their heavyweight disinfecting services can kill 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses, while completely protecting the health of your gym’s visitors, personnel and paying members you have worked hard at drawing in.


Expert Germ Cleaning Services

We know gyms are the favorite breeding spots for nasty germs and bacteria. We also know saunas, restrooms, locker rooms and pool areas tend to be 5-start hotels for these microorganisms and spread faster than you could imagine. This is why we can provide you with top-notch disinfection that can not only eradicate all germs and bacteria, but also stop it from growing in the future. We never use the same mops and cleaning cloths on any other surfaces than the bacteria-infested areas they are destined for.


We Are Fully Insured And Reliable

All of our cleaning service providers are fully insured and/or bonded and they go through continuous training and testing in order to make sure there are on top of their game every time. Competition is rough in the professional cleaning industry and gyms and fitness centers represent some of the most important clients. Our aim is to offer the highest levels of professionalism and expertise possible and stay on top of our competitors. The positive feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers makes us believe we are on the right track. We struggle to make all gyms that reach out to us look as clean, appealing, fresh and healthy as possible. Get in touch with us, schedule an appointment and let us show you why we are your go-to gym cleaners in town.


We Offer Affordable Gym And Fitness Center Cleaning Services

We do no only provide the most efficient, fully-customized, environmental-friendly gym cleaning services in town, but we also do it at highly competitive prices. We can provide you with free estimates over the phone or at sight and discuss the type of tools, products and strategies we plan on using. No hidden fees, no extra charges. Expect fully transparent prices and a friendly team that will leave your gym space spotless every time.

Keep in mind getting in good shape also means making sure your health is in order. It is your duty as a gym manager to ensure a tidy, sparkling clean environment looking good and smelling fresh 24/7 for all of our members.

Give us a call today and let us help you with your gym or fitness center cleaning needs on the spot!

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