Oriental Rug Cleaning

Keeping Your Beloved Carpet Safe

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning, we understand that your precious area rugs should be treated with care and respect. Each and every piece has its own history, origin, fiber content, age, and dye type. We can’t possibly hope to use the same method for every single rug we treat. Instead, we decide which oriental rug cleaning process to use based on the “personality” of your rug.

How It Works

We start our process with an inspection.
We want to see your piece completely clear of spots, stains, wear, and tear. In order to make this happen, our careful inspection starts with the removal of dirt, crumbs, and other particles through dusting.
Next, we use our knowledge of your area rug to determine whether or not we should consider moth-proofing. This process keeps your rug safe from possible moth damage. Because these insects can, quite literally, eat away at your oriental area rug – leaving it completely beyond our repair – the investment is well worth it.
Then, we gently wash your area rug with a fiber-friendly shampoo. You’ll find that certain shampoos should not be used on precious, delicate, or expensive area rugs. These shampoos generally contain harsh sulfates or poorly designed detergents.
Once we finish washing your rug, we rinse it, comb the fringe, and allow the piece to air dry. This keeps the dyes within your area rug safely preserved, further enhancing its lifespan.
Once your rug has completely dried, we’ll add Lanolin oil to soften it. This substance is often used to crease wool, keeping the fibers from drying out and breaking apart. If your rug needs something a bit stronger, we’ll apply a stain protector, deodorizer, and sanitizer.
Please note that we never machine wash or dry oriental area rugs. We do not recommend this course of action at home. Machines can shrink your rug, allow colors to bleed, or warp the design.

Our Team

We recognize that hiring our team of Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Experts is more expensive than putting quarters into a machine. However, the end result will save you money in the long run. Can you imagine replacing a near-priceless oriental area rug?
Our team can also complete certain hand repair jobs, if we notice holes or missing fringe in your area rug. Just make a special request at drop-off.
For more information about our oriental rug cleaning process, please feel free to call our office at (888) 952-3633.

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