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Top 3 Must-See Places In New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York!

No one has probably said it better than Alicia Keys and Jay-Z in their Empire Sate of Mind song. New York is a truly mesmerizing place to be in and many people consider it the greatest city on the planet and for good reason. Whether you have recently moved to NYC and you are looking for expert NY rug cleaners to help you deep clean your new home, or you need professional cleaners to help you make your dirty apartment look bright and shiny again, give us a call. We can schedule affordable carpet, drapery, and upholstery cleaning, mold and stain removal, disinfecting and sterilizing and even fringe repair services with a simple phone call.
We can handle everything for you from wall-to-wall, while you can take your time and do something fun or or relaxing around the city. If you can’t remember when was the last time you acted like a tourist in your own city or if you have just moved here and haven’t had the chance to do or see much, this is your chance to do it. While we are busy thoroughly cleaning your home for you, you could plan an enjoyable sightseeing tour. To come to your help, below we have prepared a brief list consisting of top must see places in New York.New York Skyline

Top Places In New York – There’s Something For Everyone

Without a doubt, there’s a head-spinning whirlwind of things to do and see here, with popular sightseeing places at pretty much every street corner and hardly enough time to catch a glimpse at all of them during a brief visit in the city. Some people are drawn by the mesmerizing shows on Broadway. Others like to go on crazy shopping sprees or dine in some of the finest restaurants in the world every time they get the chance. Some folks will forever be in love with seeing the Statue of Liberty, climbing on top of the Empire State Building or taking some memorable snaps on the Brooklyn Bridge.
The great thing about it all is the fact that the most enticing places to see and things to do here are also conveniently close to one another, usually at a walking distance. There is basically nothing stopping you from enjoying the genuine beauty and charm of the city.

#1: Take A Walk In Central Park

Or, why not, rent a carriage and enjoy a truly unique ride through the gorgeous pathways of the most famous park on the planet. You could also peddle your way through it on a bike in the summer or glide your way on a pair of skates for an unforgettable adventure at the Wollman Rink. The impressive park is located straight into the middle of the city and it measures half a mile in width and 2.5 miles in length. It is considered the heart and soul of the New York as it lets you become one with the nature while going on a picnic, walking your dog, jogging or checking out its numerous attractions such as the Zoo, the lake, or the Belvedere Castle. They are all located within the borders of the park and most of them are free to visit, making Central Park the cheapest and most entertaining place to visit in New York City.
Don’t forget about the Strawberry Fields! You might want to download a map on your phone or buy one from a visitor center and plan your route so nothing gets left behind.

#2: Go On Top Of The Rock Observation Deck

new york skye scrapersThe Rockefeller Center is probably the most popular entertainment and shopping center in the country. It is located in the middle of Manhattan and it hosts NBC-TV as well as a number of other media outlets. Most people come here to see the Art Deco skyscraper that offers a mind-blowing view over Manhattan, so make sure to add the Rock Observation Deck on your list of must-see places in NY.
If you plan on coming here at anytime from October through April, don’t forget about the fantastic outdoor skating rink found at the base of the deck that is another cool attraction in the area.

#3: Visit The Empire State Building

One of the most popular landmark buildings in the city as well as a top must-see place in NYC is the Empire State Building. The building hosts 102 stories and it is an impressive Art Deco skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan. What you might not have known is that the building’s name is derived from Empire State, which was the actual nickname of the NY state. Its roof measures 1,250 feet and the total building together with its antenna stands as tall as 1,454 feet.

Visit one of the two observatories located on top of the building and expect to look over Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania on a 80-mile radius on a clear and sunny day. Climb all the way up to the 86th floor where you will find the tallest observation deck in open air in NY.

Don’t worry, the high-speed elevators will take you there in no time and you can also purchase a flexible ticket that is valid throughout the year, so you can skip a bad weather day and save your ticket and use it on a different date – maybe next time you plan on hiring our professional New York cleaners to thoroughly clean your home!

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