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Oriental Area Rug Weaving

Hard work goes into creating each and every Oriental Area Rug. Unlike rugs produced by machines, Oriental Rugs require craftsmanship, skill, value, and authenticity. It takes years, sometimes decades, to master the carpet weaving trade. The end result, though? Worth it, with the right Rug Weaving Supplies.

The Weaving Process

A rug weaver needs a number of tools, also called Rug Weaving Supplies to get started. These include horizontal looms, vertical looms, knives to cut yarn, a heavy instrument for beating in wefts, and a pair of scissors for trimming the ends after a row has been finished. All tools vary in size and design, but the same elements are required each and every time.

While rug weavers need a loom, they don’t need both types. Horizontal looms are traditionally used by carpet weavers in Persia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Anatolia. Vertical looms are used in Iran, Persia, India, and Turkey. Vertical looms are generally harder to use, although there are different varieties to choose from.

The fixed Village Vertical Loom is used mainly in Iran and includes a fixed upper beam and a moveable lower or cloth beam that slots into two sidepieces. The Tabriz Vertical Loom, named after the City of Tabriz, is used primarily in Northwestern Iran. The warps are continuous and pass around behind the loom. Finally, the Roller Beam Vertical Loom is used in Turkey, Persia, and India. It uses two moveable beams with attached warps.

The Carpet Weaving Process works as a cycle. First, the weaver must push yarn through the warps. Then, the weaver must hook the yarn to the face of the rug. Next, the yarn must be cut after a knot is created. Once several knots have been made, the beater should be used to consolidate the weave by flattening knots and warps. This cycle continues until the carpet is complete.

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