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Professional Power And Pressure Washing

Are you interested in washing your deck or driveway and finally getting rid of those nasty grease or chewing gum stains, moss, mold, dirt, grime, or unaesthetic algae? Do you need any help with setting up the space for an upcoming painting or wood staining project? What about the exterior of your office building, its driveway or walkway? When was the last time you gave it a thorough cleaning?

The exterior of a home or commercial building is regarded as a genuine visiting card. It is the very first thing that someone gets into contact with when dropping by to to make a customer purchase or simply visit your home. Accordingly, it should therefore be given the same attention like you would normally give to cleaning the interior of your home, store, or office building. Expert power and pressure cleaning services like the ones offered by Oriental Area Rug Cleaning can help you achieve all of your interior and exterior cleaning goals. We are happy to say that we have so far served thousands of satisfied customers, and we would be delighted to also cater to your needs as well. We warmly invite you take a look at our website and discover the entire array of cleaning services we have prepared for you. Our competitive prices, fast, efficient, and entirely safe services and ability to offer both residential and commercial power and pressure washing services turn us into the number one cleaner in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Westchester, and Long Island.

For any questions or concerns, do no hesitate to give us a call at (866) 936-0761 and get in touch with with one of our friendly customer service representatives. If you are interested in learning what exactly can an expert power and pressure washing service do for you, keep reading!  


Power And Pressure Washing Services

  • fence, play equipment, and patio furniture power and pressure washing;
  • home sanitation for young children;
  • removing plans, algae, and weeds and preventing them from growing where they should not be growing;
  • removing stains from walkways and driveways;
  • maintaining homes and commercial buildings clean on the long run;
  • getting a painting area ready.  


Power Washing VS Pressure Washing

Power and pressure washing are two similar cleaning processes that generate similar results. They rely on high pressure and hot or cold water to clean soft and hard surfaces around homes and commercial buildings, including driveways and patios. Nevertheless, not all high pressure washers are created the same. There are hot water power pressure cleaners, and cold water pressure washers professional cleaners like the Oriental Area Rug Cleaning team can use for different purposes. They come with similar flow rates, pressure, and the ability to thoroughly clean indoors and outdoors. Deciding which approach would work best for your particular cleaning needs is a decision that can be left into the hands of experienced cleaners.


The Hot Water Power Washing Method

Hot water is known to release a lot of energy that reduces the tension in the surface of the water. This enables it to more easily enter all dirt and grease molecules. Heat, agitation, and soap are the three key factors that contribute to an efficient power washing process. When the water volume and pressure hit the surface, agitation occurs. It is similar to hand scrubbing and it contributes to a more efficient cleaning. The detergent or soap used by power washing machines breaks the bond between dirt and the surface. Grease and oil molecules get attached to the dirt and remain bound to the surface. Surfactants are softening agents found in detergents; they are good at emulsifying the grease – basically mixing it with the water instead of them repelling each other. The dirt is this way effectively removed by the wash water.

Since power washers are a mix of these three elements, it is easy to see why they are more efficient for cleaning grease, oil, and other stubborn stains on hard surfaces.


Cold Water Pressure Washing

For sand, dirt, mud, or stripping paint, cold water pressure washers will work just fine. Cold pressure washers also rely on soap and they can give excellent results when cleaning house and building siding, patios, decks, walkways, and driveways. Since there are no harsh chemicals involved, you should not worry about the home dwellers, pets, plants, or passers-by being affected by the process.

Algae, weeds, salt, moss, and mold cut the life of your home surfaces. Wash your wood, paving, concrete and siding as often as possible, and you will successfully prolong the life of your home and or commercial space and maintain them in tip-top shape. Our technicians use soft wash and power washing for all types of surfaces, no matter how delicate or difficult to access.

Ready to have Oriental Area Rug Cleaning come by and power or pressure wash your home’s surfaces? Get in touch with us today and set up an appointment, or ask for a free estimate over the phone or via our online form.

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