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Tips For Getting Rid Of Paint On Carpets

So you have recently painted the walls in your house, or you have recently moved into a new apartment and you have started noticing some paint drops on the carpets. Let’s face it; it is almost impossible to prevent straying splatters of paint from reaching your beloved carpets and rugs. Even when you hire expert wall painters, there is really no guarantee that you won’t be later on dealing with a paint accidents.

Needless to say, one of the safest and most efficient methods of getting rid of nasty and unsightly paint stains on a carpet is directly related to hiring professional carpet cleaners. Nevertheless, if you are feeling confident in your own carpet cleaning skills, and you would like to have a go at it first, here is what you can do.


Act Fast!

If you are still in the process of having your walls painted, maybe also as part of a DIY painting project, and you notice wet dry stains on your carpets, act straight away. Remove the paint without spreading it around the carpet, and avoid making matters worse.

Dab the spot instead of rubbing them, and use a mix of warm water and mild detergent. Blot the paint after each application and keep in blotting until all traces of paint are removed. Try not to press too hard, or you will risk pushing the paint deep into the fibers. Instead, be as gentle as you can, and keep your patience.


Try Paint Strippers

If you are dealing with older traces of paint or dried paint you didn’t even notice on your carpets while painting your walls, you might have a more difficult time removing them. You should start by using a blunt knife in an attempt to scrape off the dried excess. Do it with lots of care, as you could risk cutting the wall or causing more damage to it.

In case blotting or scraping fails to work, opt for special paint removals and strippers and try to get the job done. Keep in mind you can always hire expert carpet cleaners to help you safely restore your carpets and get you rid of all paint stains and spots. You may not know this, but commercial strippers contain lots of harmful chemicals that could additional blemishes and white stains on your carpets if used the wrong way. Also, the toxic fumes could affect your health and well-being, so make sure you keep the windows wide open in the room where you plan on using them. Remember to strictly follow all instructions.

Use these chemicals very carefully, since many of them can actually cause damage to your carpets. Test the chemical on a small section first, and consider the material of your carpets. Using high-strength carpet and rug cleaners on wool carpets, for example, is not advisable.


Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Know when it is time to drop your weapons and pick up your phone and call expert carpet cleaners instead. There is no shame in feeling defeated in front of paint stains; some of them are quite stubborn and almost impossible to remove using simple DIY procedures. If your expensive designer or Oriental carpets have paint stains all over them, make sure you call the pros as soon as possible to prevent further damage in time.  

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning specializes in all types of carpet cleaning and restoring services. If your carpets are damaged, stained, or discolored beyond your power of repair, you could consider having them dyed professionally. Whether you own solid color or multi-color carpets, you could have them painted darker shades and new colors, add borders or artwork, or simply restore the old colors and get rid of any bleach spots and paint stains.

Keep in mind the sooner you get the paint spots taken care of, the greater the chances of completely recovering your carpets in their original condition. So give a local carpet cleaning company like ours a call as soon as you notice white or colored paint on your carpets. Schedule an appointment at a time and date that is most convenient to you and let us provide you with free assessment of your problems. We will recommend the most efficient solutions and tell you if we will discover other types of problems with your carpets or floors that might require our attention. As expert carpet cleaners, we are used to dealing all kinds of tough stains that are difficult to remove. Our specialized methods and gear can be used to remove the stains without causing any damages to your carpets and rugs.

All carpets should respect the manufacturer’s cleaning time indications; usually, they should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, no matter if there are any visible stains and discoloration or not. Clean carpets can significantly reduce the amount of mold, dirt, allergens, and air pollutants inside your home. Professional carpet cleaning is therefore well worth it.

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