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Last Minute Cleaning Tips For Your Oriental Rugs Before An Event

When was the last time you took a close look at the oriental carpets inside your home? What would you say it is that you love most about them? Is it their fine weave? The vivid colors or unique patterns? Or maybe it’s the long and captivating story behind them. Maybe they belonged to your great-great-grandmother, and they have been a family heritage for more than a century. Maybe someone in your family knotted them by hand, creating that genuine work of art of extreme beauty and inimitable charm. Or perhaps they are your only reminder of your Far or Middle East origins, and you have paid some serious money to buy them.

No matter what it might be that you admire most about your Persian rugs, one thing is almost certain: your heart probably skips a beat every time you have to walk on them every day. Not to mention the heartbreak felt at the mere sight of juice or dirt stains! You’ve most likely invested a lot of money and affection into your beloved carpets, and you would hate to see them get ruined under your very eyes. Unfortunately, even though maintenance and cleaning requirements can be kept at a minimum for these carpets, there are times when the inevitable happens. Pets have accidents, children spill things, guests walk in with dirt on their shoes. And when you are getting ready to throw a home party and your carpets look like they’ve seen better days, it’s time for fast solutions.


Oriental Rugs Don’t Die That Easily!

The good news is that it would take a lot more than a few coffee or mud stains to kill an Oriental rug – as long as it is high quality. Most people get water on their carpets without even realizing it when watering their plants. And the rug slowly rots right beneath their feet for weeks in a row. What about carpets that get eaten by dogs? Fringes that get swollen by vacuum cleaners? There is always the bad storage scenario, in which a rug gets left in a damp basement for various reasons – such as renovating a home. Needless to say, mildew and moths are the primary matters of concern there. You might be surprised to hear about rugs that have been damaged by battery acid leaked from flashlights.

There are lots of things that could be damaging your Oriental carpet right now. The sooner you attend to these matters, the faster you can give them their beauty back and make the most of their presence into your home. Fast, hasty cleaning usually results in improper cleaning. Wouldn’t it be a shame to completely ruin your $10,000 Oriental carpet because of ineffective washing techniques? Being in a hurry to plan a last-minute event you will be hosting at home can make you do regrettable things. Don’t let dry cleaning your handmade Persian rug be one of them.


Fast Cleaning Techniques For Oriental Carpets

  • If you do not have any stubborn stains you need to worry about, a quick vacuuming should get the job done before the party. Make sure you do not break the fringes during high power vacuuming.
  • If you need to deal with a few nasty stains, such as gum or tar, try to use dry cleaning fluid. Only apply to small areas, but make sure to read the cleaning instructions on the back of your carpet first.
  • For dirty carpets, hand washing is one of the most efficient and recommended cleaning methods. Given the fact that these rugs contain lanolin in the wool, you need to avoid dry cleaning your handmade carpets. You will risk the solvents drying it out beyond repair.
  • Hand washing your Persian rugs means fully immersing them into the water, getting them wet, and shampooed both sides. Also, the fringes need to be given special attention and care, or else they will turn grey. However, unless you are a professional carpet cleaner who knows what they are doing, you will risk seeing the dye bleed, or cause other damage to your rugs.
  • Also, if you have a silk Oriental carpet. Hand washing is not recommended. Old rugs that have lost their original shine should undergo steam cleaning. Unless you own a carpet steamer, chances are you will not be able to accomplish much.
  • Plus, if you are doing some last-minute cleaning around the house, chances are you do not truly have time to wait for your rugs to dry. So getting in touch with a professional cleaning service that specializes in Persian rugs and 24/7 emergencies is the smartest solution.


Contact Professional Cleaners!

  • Get in touch with the guys at NYC Steam Cleaning and let us make your Oriental carpets look brand new once more and in no time. We can rapidly assess your carpets and put the most suitable cleaning methods into practice for you, without the risk of causing any damages.
  • We work with advanced tools and organic cleaning agents that will remove all harmful matter that is lodged deep within the fibers, and leave no residue or allergens behind. Get in touch with us today and let us throw you a hand. You will have your carpets cleaned on time and back into your home as agreed, just on time for your event!

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