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How To Keep Pests Away This Summer

You come home from a delightful vacation or a weekend getaway and you notice you have some uninvited guests hanging around the house. Moths, cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, ants, spiders – you get the picture. They’re crawling everywhere and you’re this close to having them pay rent. Nothing ruins your mood more like a line of crawling or flying insects somewhere inside your home, or around the yard. If you are determined to keep these nasty critters away from you this summer, follow these pest control tips and practices.


Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean And Sanitized

Never leave any crumbs on the kitchen countertops, or down on the floors. You will be setting up magnets for ants and various other insects. Wipe your countertops clean every day, and keep the floors well swept and mopped. If you feel like you need an extra hand or two, you can call in heavy artillery every now and then. A professional cleaning company like Oriental Area Rug Cleaning can assist you by throughly cleaning your entire home, in-depth and in great detail, and maintaining it clean, hygienic, and sanitized for a longer time.

Expert tile and grout cleaning services can help maintain your kitchen floors dirt- and pest-free. By simply wiping your counters with plain water and a cloth, you could you may not be able to obtain desirable results. But you will, however, manage to at least get rid of any traces of food that could be attracting moths, ants, and cockroaches.  

Steam cleaning your carpets, Oriental and area rugs with the help of professional steam cleaners will also kill a large percentage of potentially harmful bacteria and germs.

Take out the trash on a regular basis, and make a habit out of always putting your food away so you won’t attract pests to your home.


Get Rid Of Standing Water


This will help you keep mosquitoes away from your home during the long, hot, summer days and nights. Standing water is known to be a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes, as well as an open invitation for them to hang around. Check for any rain spouts and leaking pipes or A/C leaks. Contact a water removal service if you need additional help with identifying any potentially hidden or hard to access standing water and leaks, or getting rid of them.

Remember to also pick up all the toys your kids or pets might have left laying throughout the yard. They could get soaked in rain water and attract nasty flying insects in and around your home. Plus, you should take a look at all potential holes on your doors and screens and have them fixed. Do the same with broken window stropping. This way, you will manage to more effectively block the access of pests to your home.


Power Wash Your Siding/Driveway

Rely on expert power or pressure washing services with hot or cold water and clean all the mold, moss, dirt, chewing gum, grease, oil, and other debris. High pressure water can also eradicate algae and weeds growing near your home. These could create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects you would definitely want to keep away from your home for the summer.

Have your patio furniture cleaned by the same power and pressure washing services like the ones provided by Oriental Area Rug Cleaning. Have these expert cleaners inspect your swings, patio, and deck area, along with the swing sets and any other outdoor furniture you might have. They should identify any traces of egg sacks, as well as spider webs and egg sacks, and have them immediately removed.

Your grass and yard landscaping should also be properly maintained in order to limit the overgrowth that is ideal for nesting pests. Bushes and trees should be trimmed down by expert lawn mowers, and all debris should be raked up.


Be Careful About Food In The Summer

Avoid throwing meat scraps in the outside garbage bins unless you know for a fact that the garbage will be picked up in the next couple of days. Meat rotting in the hot, summer sun will definitely attract a lot of annoying and disease-carrying pests to your yard and home. And it will do it faster than you might think.

Also, pay more attention to the fruits and vegetables you have laying around the house during the summer. They might be tasty and refreshing, so you’d normally want to be able to access them whenever you please. But letting them overly ripe on your kitchen counter, you will solely gather in fruit flies.

Store your firewood away from your home, preferably in a locked shed or garage. Use a five fee distance the minimum from your house and focus on on racks located above the ground.

Finally, be sure to call a pest control service nearby and ask them to spray for bugs, rodents, and other pests that are commonly found where you live. Regan your peace f mind and pay more attention to maintaining your home clean, meat and tidy to keep the insects and pests from coming back once you will get rid of them with the help of pros.

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