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Floor Squeak Repairs

The only purpose a squeaky floor could possibly serve is to let you know when someone might be trying to sneak into your home without your knowledge or permission. Other than that, squeaking sounds made my floors are a genuine problem. No one wants to be bothered to listen to the disturbing sound made by an old floor all day long. This is where the skilled and experienced team behind Oriental Area Rug Cleaning comes into the picture, offering their services. While our main focal point is Oriental carpet cleaning, we also happen to specialize in floor squeaking repair, and we are able to handle any job, no matter the size and degree of complexity.

Before we get into the details of the squeaking floor repair process, we would like to share with you some of the main reasons why floors start to squeak.


Subfloors Are Culprits For Squeaky Floors

The subfloor can also be often times responsible for a squeaky floor. This is why it is crucial that the floor installation runs smoothly, and the technicians take their time when attaching the subfloor. Leaving too much space between the joists and the planks of the subfloor will inevitably cause the floors to squeak. Plus, this annoying problem can also be triggered by improperly secured planks and joists.

You may have also heard of the so-called home settling process after construction, which usually results in wall cracking and disturbing floor squeaking. These issues are common in most homes, and they are a result of flooring lumber that has ultimately shrunk. In response, the boards will start to rub against one another, and even slide against nails, and generate a symphony of creaking and squeaking.

There is also the possibility of having loose subfloors and be dealing with the same problems. Having invested in expensive and nice-looking hardwood floors will unfortunately not save you from a bad case of the squeaks. In fact, all types of floors you can currently find on the market are prone to make these noises sooner or later, for various other reasons. Give us a call and let us tackle any bad squeak in your floors in just a few minutes.


Cold Temperatures And Low Humidity

You may have noticed your floors tend to make the worst squeaking sounds during the cold season. And there is a good reason for that. Low temperatures and humidity cause floors to shrink in size and the planks to start rubbing against each other.

As for the recommended humidity levels inside the average home, it should be somewhere between 40 and 60 percent. This may be more difficult to maintain this during wintertime, as the air tends to get very dry on its own. You could consider investing in a humidifier for your home or office space to partially solve the problem.

Of course, these issues can also occur during the summer, when the floors are known to expand in size.


Improper Floor Installation

This is yet another factor that could cause your floors to start squeaking. Poor workmanship during the installation process, maybe during a DIY flooring project could make the planks rub against each other or against the nails.

Older homes are also more likely to have creaking floors, because of the shift in the foundation that is prone to occur over the years. Your home shifting means your floors are also doing some slight movements, causing the floors to rub against one another. Plus, nails that have not been beat the right way could also become loose and cause similar issues.


Floods And Other Water Damage Problems

This is yet another reason why your floors might start to make that awful sound you cannot stand to hear any longer. In case your floors have been damaged by a small flood or a bursting pipe inside the house, you are most likely also dealing with damaged floors that need repair. Hiring professional floor and carpeting services to handle these problems before they start costing you a fortune is a must. We are talking about problems like mold, and all the health issues they can trigger.

It is also possible for homes to have ductwork inside the joists. This can make the floors squeak and rattle even when the A/C is turned on. Make sure you call an expert to look into the problem and decide the kind of work that should be completed for best results. While a squeaking floor usually has a quick fix, it is best to let some technicians who know what they are doing to assess everything for you the right way. They might discover that your floors have not been installed the right way, which could later on lead to additional issues.

Improperly fitted, squeaking floors will prevent you from enjoying your soft, high-quality carpets. Make sure you get in touch with expert flooring technicians that handle squeaking floor services, and see that you make the most informed decisions that can fully support your carpets.

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