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Emergency Care Services For Oriental Rugs

A quality Oriental rug will never go out of style or lose its value. On the contrary, over time, original, handmade Turkish or Persian rugs will cost a small fortune and they will become even more beautiful as they will age naturally. If you are a big fan of textile arts and you know a thing or two about high-quality dyes and fibers, you will never feel bored admiring your Oriental carpets inside your living room or bedrooms. Originally designed to ensure high levels of comfort for your feet, the dense fibers keep the warmth in, that’s why the knotted wool versions of these carpets are excellent for people living in colder regions. The same fibers are known to trap sound vibrations from reverberating off the walls, ensuring amazing levels of comfort without compromising the style of your home. But what if the same fibers would be covered in coffee spills and pet urine stains? While some stains are easy to clean on the spot with the help of a few homemade solutions, some carpets have running or bleeding dyes and colors, and any attempt to clean them using water could irrevocably damage them.

If you are currently looking at a fresh coffee or paint spill on your Turkish or Persian carpet and you are not sure how to proceed, it is best to let the pros handle it. Get in touch with us as soon as you notice the stain and let us come over and asses it for you. Sometimes, we may need to pull out the heavy artillery and use some special dry cleaning solutions. Other times, our regular steam cleaning will do the trick. Either way, it is best to rely on the expertise of professional carpet cleaners instead of trying to play it by the ear.

Now let us take a look at a few of the easiest and least harmful spill removal methods you could try on your Oriental carpets in case of emergency.


How To Deal With Fresh Liquid Spills

Fresh coffee or fruit juice stains, red wine or coolaid spills are a few of the most common types of spills your carpets will be usually covered in. If the stains are fresh, grab a clean and dry towel and start blotting. The sooner you can remove most of the water in the carpet, the better your chances of restoring it to its original shape. Paper towels may work better. Analyze the type of liquid that had embedded deep into the fibers and see if using some water would help dilute and remove it a lot easier.  Just make sure you don’t end up pouring liters of water onto the carpet to avoid causing more harm. Some area rugs are dyed in running colors, so you may risk witnessing the precious colors bleed through the carpet and onto the floors. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions first so you can know what you are allowed to do and what is forbidden in terms of cleaning and maintenance. The general rule of thumb is to avoid getting a carpet wet for as long as possible.

While it is possible for an Oriental carpet to stay dry without suffering any severe damage, it is best to avoid getting it extra wet in the first place. Elevate the carpet using your patio or use a fan over the night to speed up the drying process. If the stains are still there after the carpet is done drying, you should schedule an appointment with an expert cleaning service and let them take care of the matter using professional tools.


How To Remove Pet Waste Stains

As much as you might love your dog or cat, you are probably staring in disbelief at that nasty urine stain in the middle of your Persian wool rug your great-great aunt gifted you. Of all the carpets in the house, your doggo just had to go on that one! How will you ever get the stain covering that gorgeous pattern out? What about that protrusive, obnoxious smell you can feel from the opposite corner of the house?

Don’t worry, there are quick solutions to this type of problems. The “trick” is to be present when it happens or right after, spot it on time and know exactly what to do about it:

  • pick up the nearest paper towel and start blotting the urine. Keep in mind dog urine tends to be acidic (just think of the yellow stained grass in the backyard), so the sooner you can clean it, the better.
  • An old urine stain on an Oriental carpet made of wool for example is more likely to make the colors and patterns fade away, leave yellowish or whitish stains behind that are unappealing to the eye, or simply create a messy looking spot. The sooner you can cope with a urine stain, the less likely you are to deal with these issues.
  • Place a mix of white vinegar (make sure it is distilled) and water to the carpet and let it sit for a while. It should help further dilute the urine and eliminate the stain. If you own a  color-bleeding carpet, you should get in touch with an expert carpet cleaner in the area to avoid causing further damage.

For any emergency care service needs you may have, get in touch with our customer support and let us provide you with our expertise, fast speeds and small prices!

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