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Relying only on vacuuming does not guarantee protection from dust, allergens, and dirt to your rug. To ensure this, you have to work with professional rug cleaning service providers. Oriental Area Rug Cleaning (OARC) guarantees you a better cleaning experience and full restoration of your rug’s condition if it is tampered with. If this is what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you bothered by the unsightly stains on your rugs, the fading and wearing out? Are you searching for a reliable local area rug cleaning company in NYC that offers exemplary services at affordable rates? Then we are your best choice. The Oriental Area Rug Cleaning company has over two decades serving the people of New York as professional rug cleaners. Over the years, we’ve garnered extensive knowledge of proper carpet and rug cleaning. As a caring rug cleaning partner, our service goes beyond cleaning the rugs. We also provide you with valuable information on how you can maintain your rugs in perfect condition.


The Types Of Rugs We Clean

  • Tribal Rugs
  • Kazak Rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Heriz Rugs
  • Sheepskin Rugs
  • Aubusson Carpet
  • Pakistani Rug
  • Kashan Rugs


Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Oriental Area Rug Cleaning NYC, we understand that your precious area rugs should be treated with care and respect. Each and every piece has its own history, origin, fiber content, age, and dye type. We can’t possible hope to use the same method for every single rug we treat. Instead, we decide which oriental rug cleaning process to use based on the “personality” of your rug.

Area Rug Cleaning NYC Service

What is the major difference between area rug cleaning and regular carpet cleaning? Area rugs are far more delicate than carpeted flooring. They should be treated with care, respect, and focus. As experts in the oriental area rug cleaning business, our team understands that every area rug requires a specific, predetermined cleaning method for best (and safest) results.


Rug Restoration & Repair

This broad category includes a number of rug repair services, including moth damage repair, mildew and mold treatment, water damage repair, color restoration, reweaving, fringing, over casting, binding, and patching. Choose the rug restoration services that best adhere to the needs of your oriental area rug.

Our Process

We are certified professionals, we insist on cleaning all handmade and woven precious rugs in our facility.  This allows our team to utilize the best equipment and methods to restore your rug to its original glory.

We eliminate all pet odors and stains, keep your rug protected with hand-cleaning and advanced technologies, inspect each rug thoroughly, and use hundreds of gallons of all-natural water to remove residue. Take a photo of your area rug before it enters our facility and you’ll be shocked by the results!

We deeply value a hands-on approach, personalizing our services for each of our clients. Our team is trusted by families in the tri-state area because we devote the time, resources, and energy necessary to make your rug’s originality shine.



Why should you work with us?

√ Top-notch services

The provision of quality rug cleaning services is our primary objective. As a leading local rug cleaning company, we only work with the best technicians and products. We prefer handling fewer tasks but with assured results rather than taking on big projects and failing to deliver top-notch services. If your goal is to get quality rug cleaning services from expert cleaners in NYC, then we are your best option.

√ Upfront pricing

Transparency and honesty are virtues we strive to uphold. For any oriental rug cleaning or repair service we offer, our team ensures that you have the pricing before taking on the project. This way, you have an understanding of what you are expected to pay. We do not charge any hidden fees or use technical jargon in our quotations to add unnecessary fees.

√ Competitive prices

Our goal is to provide value at affordable rates. That is why we invest in using quality products and working with experts while maintaining competitive service rates. The fee that we charge is determined by the needs and size of your rug.

√ Easy Online and phone booking

As a leading company, we’ve adopted digital technology to make it easy for clients to work with us. You don’t have to visit our shop to make a booking for your oriental rug cleaning. If you need our services, simply visit our website to make your booking or call us on the number (866) 936-0421.

√ Licensed Experts

Our company only works with licensed professionals in the rug cleaning industry. Before hiring someone, we conduct a thorough background check. You can rest easy knowing that you can trust our employees.

√ We Only Use Quality Products

Quality work is only achieved through the use of quality products. Our cleaning experts only use environmentally friendly products in cleaning. This produces excellent results and helps to protect our environment.

√ Free pickup and delivery

We offer free pickup and delivery so that you don’t have to stress yourself. Once you make your booking, representatives from our company come and pick the rug for cleaning. After the cleaning process is complete, we also ensure safe delivery.

√ Up to two months of free storage

If something arises and you cannot take back your carpet or rug, there is no need to worry. Our company provides free and safe storage of the same for two months.

Our Quality Rug Cleaning Process

For quality work and efficiency, we prefer cleaning carpets and rugs in our shops. It allows us to make use of the best equipment in the cleaning and restoring of your rug. We have in place a standardized and personalized process that’s followed in cleaning.

To maintain the provision of top-notch services, we’ve invested state-of-the-art resources, invested time, and energy. Once you bring your carpet or rug to us, here’s the process we follow.

i. Examination

A careful inspection of the rug is conducted before anything else. It helps establish the type of rug and its condition and identify any fringe issues, stains, or any other damage the rug may have. We then notify you of all the findings we make.

ii. Color & dye test

This test is carried out to determine whether the rugs bleeds or not. Rug bleeding is common if the rug is made from fugitive dyes, or if there is an excess application of the same. Proper measures are put in place when cleaning rugs that bleed.

iii. Dusting Process

Rug fibers often hide dirt and other contaminants that are not visible to the naked eye. If a liquid is applied to the rug before vacuuming occurs, the dirt can lead to the formation of mud, making it difficult to clean. That is why we thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug using specialized vacuum cleaners.

iv. Washing and rinsing

At this point, we now give your rug a proper washing, ensuring that all dirt is removed. If the rug has stains, we may conduct the removal process after or before the washing, depending on the type of stain.

For hand-woven rugs, a manual wash is given while for machine-made rugs, the use of machine washing is preferred.

Proper rinsing is done to remove any organic solution that’s used in the washing process.

v. Drying

After the washing, the rug is then moved to a control temperature room where it is dried. The drying process is carried out in special conditions to ensure that your rug retains its softness.

vi. Repairs

Once the rug is dry, any repair issues such as holes, and rips are handled.

Protecting Your Rug

In this process, we use Scotchgard oil to protect your rug from foot traffic. For the process to be effective, we recommend having it done 3-5 months.

vii. Final Inspection

A final inspection is carried out before the rug is wrapped for delivery to ensure that there is no damage or area not taken care of during the cleaning.

Rug Cleaning Prices

The cost of cleaning a rug varies greatly depending on the attention it requires and also its size. You can only get a price estimate after an on-site consultation or after explaining the details to us on the phone.

Rug Cleaning Tips

Oriental rugs add elegance, color, and coziness to the home. They are made from different materials and with designs inspired by different cultures. But one thing that cuts across all rugs is that they need proper care. Even without the help of expert rug cleaners, it is essential to know how to clean your rugs.

Below are tips to help you out.

  • Always follow instructions on the oriental rug. These labels often include information such as heat levels the rug can accommodate, the chemicals not to use, and how to dry the drug. All this is important for a proper clean.
  • Prevention is the best protection for your rugs. Reduce traffic on the rug, and try to prevent stains caused by spills and pet urine.
  • Avoid rubbing the rugs carelessly. This can cause more damage to your rug or cause further spread of stains.
  • Give immediate attention to stains. Leaving them on your rug for an extended period makes it more challenging to clean them out.
  • Always test the fiber before applying a chemical or cleaning agent on your rug. This is important because some rugs are made of sensitive material that loses color when it comes into contact with certain chemicals.
  • Regularly take your rugs for professional cleaning. We’ve provided tips on how you should take care of your rugs, but do not forget to take them to a professional carpet cleaner.

Do you need more reasons?

  • We offer a 10% discount for repeat customers every time you bring in your rugs.
  • We offer Quality aftercare services, including mothproofing and anti-microbial treatment for your rug.
  • Free Scotchgard protection on all the rugs that we work on
How much does it cost to have a rug cleaned?

As stated, the cost of having a rug cleaned depends on the size of the rug and the attention that it requires.

Is rug cleaning safe?

Yes. We offer safe rug cleaning services. This is ensured through the use of eco-friendly and organic products only. Working with experienced rug cleaners in NYC also helps to make the process safe.

Will I have to bring the rug for cleaning?

You don’t have to stress about bringing your rug to us as we offer free pickup and delivery in all the areas we serve.

Can a rug be repainted?

Yes. If you chose to give our rug a makeover, you could paint it by using stencil or interior latex paint. However, it is best to have a professional do the painting on your behalf.

Can a damaged rug be restored?

Yes. Rug restoration is possible on any type of rug. It sure does require expertise and is a bit complex, but it is doable.

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